Tuesday, December 28, 2010

291210 - long way to happy

I am getting quite confused as the seven-day weather forecast is changing every day. Yesterday there was a 90% chance it would be raining all week, and today when I woke up it was sunny. They are now saying it is fining up and the rain is starting to go away.
Baloney, I say. Just from looking out now, in the past hour it's become not as sunny, there are grey clouds covering the sky, and in my opinion there is every chance it is going to rain. I'm not sure what these weather forecast people are on about.
Not that I'm hoping it will rain. For the first time in a long time, the creeks in the valley are full. Too full. There is flooding across most of the region, although the flood waters have gone down since Monday.

So it looks like it will be a wet new year. But it's still a new year. A chance to change things. And considering this will most likely be my last blog for the year, I'm going to do what I did last year.
First summer camp. First boyfriend of the year. First break-up of the year. Started year nine. First fight with my best friend. Death of a boy I grew up with (R.I.P. 060210) due to flood waters. Couldn't attend the funeral. Stopped writing in diary. Stopped writing all together. Had late night heart-to-heart conversations with Mum. Started hanging around with the wrong people. Grades dropped dramatically. Parent-teacher interviews - encouraged to sit with different people in class. Sat with different people in class (N block bogans). Grades picked up slightly. Started writing, very occassionally. Entered short story into literacy comp. Cousin killed in car accident. Series of fights with Dad. Stayed up all night talking to the boy I liked. Started dating the boy I liked. Birthday. Grandfather passed away. Grandfather's funeral. Passed most subjects. Christmas.
The end.
It's a lot longer than the one from last year, though unfortunately I can't compare as I don't have my laptop.
Overall I had a great year and I hope that next year is good too.
The wind is starting to pick up so now I'm waiting for it to start raining. I can't wait to see what the weather forecasters have to say.

Friday, December 17, 2010

171210 - heaven can wait

*Ignores the obvious fact that I have not posted in over a month*

Hello. How was your day? That's interesting.
What I have really come to hate is that awkward moment when you think something, and literally two seconds later someone says exactly that. And then I get overly paranoid that they can hear what I'm thinking, and I start yelling in my head, "CAN YOU HEAR ME?"

I also really dislike someone has headphones on and I try to talk to them, and they cannot hear me. Then I say something to someone else, and they decide to join the conversation.
Not really, I do that to my parents all the time. It's the ultimate way of listening to what they say about you.

So, it's the middle of December more or less, and I am severely over the weather. It's crazy.
All through November, I could have sworn I lived in Melbourne rather than Queensland. I would wake up, and it would be freezing. I would go to school, it would be boiling hot, then rain heavily and still be boiling hot, then ten minutes later there wasn't a cloud in sight. What? It was crazy.

I also appear to have lost my glasses. I have looked everywhere and cannot find them. Well, obviously I haven't looked everywhere, because if I had, I would have found them by now. But I have looked in all the typical places, but I am betting they will be in a strange awkward spot such as underneath the bathroom sink or on top of the microwave.

Back to the whole mind-reading concept, I have been meaning to post a blog in a long time (yes, I do get a little bit side-tracked) and I often plot them in my head. I was walking with a friend one day and she said "I love seeing how the lawns change". Mind. Blown. I had been thinking that for the past week.
It's cool though, because one lawn will be totally overgrown, and then there is a line separating it from the most incredibly green, mown lawn.
I'm glad I'm not the only person who notices though.

Another thing that I have realised in my absence, is that when I am texting someone, I get very paranoid if they don't use smiley faces. I always think they are mad at me because they seem so serious. Constantly I wish my blog wasn't so formal so at the end of a sarcastic sentence I can put a laugh face. I don't know, maybe it's just me.

So, my laptop has eaten itself, therefore I can no longer have my solitaire statistics. However, I do play it rather regularly on my sister's laptop.
Solitaire Statistics:
Games played: 85
Games won: 51
Win percentage: 60%
Yes, pretty unimpressive. But at least it gives the illusion that I have a life. Ha.

Monday, November 8, 2010

081110 - i devise my own demise

I have been so slack with updating this, I know. I really wish I had a hundred and one excuses but like I've said before I don't have a life so it all comes down to the fact that I am really, really lazy.

I got chain mail today. I opened it because it was from one of my best friends, then realised it was forwarded. I could have kicked her. And another thing, it was one that I read back when I was in primary school. It's STILL going. I thought that chain mail died off a few years ago, but no, apparently not...

I just had dinner and my Mum had made steak and vegetables. My brother drowned his corn in gravy. The poor corn. I can understand him putting gravy on the potato and what not... But the corn never did anything bad to him. Except maybe get stuck in his teeth but that come after he attacks it with gravy. Karma?

I am currently trying to finish the draft of my music assignment. It's kind of cool listening to Indian music but my parents keep giving me strange looks. I don't know what they prefer, the screamo or the Indian.

So, I think I mentioned a while back about my recent obsession to Spider Solitaire.
Spider Solitaire statistics:
Games played: 94
Games won: 78
Win percentage: 82%
I think half of the reason why I like Spider Solitaire so much is because I have a better win percentage than Solitaire...

Random question(s):
Where were you three hours ago?
Sitting in music, next to the most amazing guy in the world, probably having a pen war and definitely not listening to the teacher.
Where were you five hours ago?
It was lunch time and I printed my art assignment, did my art assignment oral, hired two Harry Potter books from the library then went searching for my boyfriend.
Where were you seven hours ago?
Yeah I don't even want to count back that many hours.

I'm starting to get really annoyed at people who have every second status on Facebook as "I'm so bored" or "there's nothing to do". Really? We don't care. Complain to Myspace or something.

The order of my top five played songs on iTunes has changed yet again.
1. Remembering Sunday - All Time Low - 205 plays (I thought there were a lot more than that...)
2. If It Means A Lot To You - A Day To Remember - 81 plays
3. Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry - 80 plays
4. Self Conclusion - The Spill Canvas - 72 plays
5. Dear Maria, Count Me In - All Time Low - 66 plays
I love the drop from Remembering Sunday to If It Means A Lot To You. Mind you, I do listen to Remembering Sunday on repeat half of the time. Best. Song. Ever.

Friday, October 29, 2010

301010 - all the small things

It is currently 1:20 AM on a Saturday, I am supposed to be sleeping, and I'm pretty sure my brother's Xbox is going to wake the whole house up.
Yes, it has been, what, nine days? Since I updated, but in my defence it still feels like Thursday last week. So, in my head, I didn't ignore my blog at all.
The award ceremony went as I expected - when we got there Dad couldn't understand why the coffee machine wouldn't work and insisted on finding out, I fixed my hair in the bathroom seventy times, my brother made himself tea and then did not drink it, my Dad decided a family photo would be nice, my Dad couldn't figure out how to take the lens of my camera off, the ceremony started and Dad sat next to me then continued to talk, and talk, and talk, while my brother noisily fiddled with the chair, and after about half an hour my brother and Dad had left. They came back just in time to see my name called out and to applaud me walking across the stage, then my brother took a few blurry photos where I am at least two heads taller than the three other girls.
We left about half an hour before it finished and got home at about 10:30. On Thursday the head of English presented my award on year assembly and people asked me about it all day. It. Was. Awful.

On Monday afternoon I was walking home and I smiled at a stranger, and he smiled back and said 'hi'. That made me smile the whole way home, it was incredible. I wish all strangers were like that.
On Tuesday afternoon I was walking home and I saw a patch of dandelions. I swear I have not seen a dandelion in so long. I picked one and blew all the seed things off but I forgot to make a wish. That same afternoon walking home I caught a Santa (I wished on that) and picked a pretty flower. I was so happy for the rest of the day.
And it was the little things, too. I decided to make a list of all the small things (true care, truth brings). I will most definitely miss things out because I love a lot of small things.
1. Blowing the seeds off of dandelions.
2. The sound glass bottles make when they roll on concrete.
3. How it feels when a shirt slides over my head.
4. When I clap and it's really loud.
5. Tapping my fingernails on the desks at school.
6. Pulling petals off of flowers.
7. When something is so sour it hurts my cheeks.
8. Pulling threads off of clothing.
9. Odd socks.
10. When ants work in teams to carry food.
11. When I randomly have a hiccup. Singular, not plural.
12. That my right shoe never goes on as easily as my left.
13. The word "rhombus".
14. My Winnie The Pooh pyjamas.
15. The froth at the bottom of the Iced Coffee bottle.
16. Really new, shiny coins.
17. Dragging my feet in grass.
18. The scroll button on my laptop mouse pad.
19. Peeling stickers off of bottles.
20. Drawing triangles and stars.

I haven't been playing a great deal of Solitaire lately as I have discovered the magic of *drumroll*... Spider Solitaire! But I am pleased to announce that I have just won my six hundred and second game of regular Solitaire.
Solitaire statistics:
Games played: 1353
Games won: 602
Win percentage: 44% (still)

I do not have a random question as it is 1:55AM and my brain is not functioning correctly. But then again, I haven't had a random question in a long time. Tomorrow... Maybe.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

201010 - entertain the pain

Today was pretty cool. I went to two sessions of lectures at a school in Toowoomba. An all girl's school. It was junior, middle and senior school and I swear I didn't even know there were that many girls in Toowoomba.
They all had perfect uniforms and their hair was all neat... I wish our school was like that but we're too scrubby-like.

Anyway, one of the sessions I went to was an author who really bugged me. She moved her head a lot when she talked and she made jokes but no one laughed. Except my teacher.
Must have been old people jokes.

Also, today I talked to four people who I normally wouldn't, just to be nice. I'm quite proud of myself, except one girl was very annoying after a while. She just kept talking even though no one was listening, and assumed that we care about whether she got her cousin a birthday present or not. To start with we made polite conversation with her but in the end I think everyone was ignoring her.
Rude, I suppose, but she didn't get the point...

In about fifteen minutes I am leaving for the award night, my parents aren't even dressed yet though. I really, really can't wait to sit in a car for two hours. Sarcasm, if you didn't catch that.
When we get there, about halfway through Dad will probably get bored and leave, then miss me getting my award, and we'll leave as soon as I get it. I know exactly how this will work.

My fish have gone funny. Last night they were just... Like, floating there, not belly up, no. But they weren't swimming around and they were all facing the same way. I thought that someone had killed them or osmething but their eyes were moving. At the moment they are swimming but not very much. I hope they don't die.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

191010 - alexithymia

My Dad is crazy. He just picked up his phone and got a little bit upset when it wouldn't change the channel on the T.V.
Often he will try to call people using the T.V. remote- puts all the numbers in and asks Mum why there is no dial tone.
This is where I get it from, because apparently I am related to him.

Tomorrow is going to be horrible.
Wednesdays are all-school sport days and everyone in the school wears sports uniform. I have to wear my formal!
Not complaining though, I'm going on an excursion. Apart from last year when we went for a 5 minute walk to the lake (which is on the same street as the school), I haven't been on an excursion since... Like, grade seven. Apart from camps.
Anywho, I am going to a writing course in Toowoomba, but I only get to go to two sessions. Last year the group went to four, but then again this year there's only six going.
The only drawback of this is that we're going to get home after school is over, and we're leaving to Bardon for my award night at 4:30.
I don't know how long the award night will go for, but considering it's a two hour drive I think we'll be leaving as soon as I get the certificate. I don't really know why everyone is making such a big deal over it- when my aunt came down from Brisbane last week my parents were bragging about it, my SOSE teacher jumped up and down when she found out and talked about it with the class for five minutes, the H.O.D. of English congratulated me five thousand times before telling another teacher.
The only ones who aren't excited are me and my friends. My dodgy friends though, the N block bogans. When they heard they gave me funny looks and were like "that was the most depressing story ever, how did you get that?"
But yeah, it's really not that great... It's only a highly commended, after all. Ten bucks says there'll be five hundred other kids with crappy stories and highly commended certificates. I was excited at first until I thought about that.
In music today I told my friend that I gave up on writing. He's a really, really good writer himself and he was surprised and got all grr face. He even admitted that while we were writing a story in English he was trying harder than usual to try to impress me. *Laughs.
I also balances pencils on my nose in music and fell over at least three times. It was super embarrassing when the boyfriend turned around and saw. *Hopes he isn't reading this.

Monday, October 18, 2010

181010 - paperthin hymn

Really quick blog, and I am pretending that I didn't forget about my blog for EIGHT WHOLE DAYS. That's a long time for me. And it's not even like I got a life, either. I just... Totally didn't feel like writing. Instead I've been playing Sims non-stop. Someone give me a life.

So, I mentioned this new blog that I started a few updates back. I have decided to put my first post on this website and I made it look a little prettier too. It's yellow though. So...Yeah...
Here be the link:

I know this blog is really, really short but I have nothing to talk about. Actually that's a lie, I have a billion things to talk about, just not enough brain capacity to write it all down. Read that story thing on my other blog! ...Please.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

101010 - it feels like home to me

Aloha! Today is probably the coolest day of my life so far. Not so much what's happened to day, the date. Look at it. Look at it. It's cool.
In one year, one month and one day, it will be the 11/11/11. Just a fun fact: that is also one day after a certain person's birthday. Definitely not mine though, I don't have a birthday.

I am trying to write this blog really fast. That's because the boyfriend is on BRB and this will be the only chance I have at writing because he gives me a mindblank.
Damnit, I have a mindblank and I'm not even talking to him. Not so much a mindblank though, I just don't have anything to talk about. Usually when I have a mindblank I can't write anything in general.

Today I got a new straightener! Sort of.
It's my sister's old straightener which she is selling to me for $50 because she got a GHD, and that's a pretty good deal because when she bought it new it was around $160.
So I'm really excited about my new straightener, it means less poofiness. If you went to school with me you would understand. I am like a Furby.
It's shameful to admit that my friend called me that last year.

At the moment I am in my sister's room on her laptop because my Dad has grown attached to my laptop and it's impossible to even be on it the length of time that it takes to write a blog.
And being in my sister's room means no music or shit music. So I am listening to shit music.
My sister listens to Pop. She has maybe two or three bands that aren't Pop.
And she loves Taylor Swift.
This is the part where I shoot myself because I hate chart music but it's too quiet when I don't have iTunes going.
There's this one band in particular, which I admit I do sort of like (only one or two songs though), that only sings about love. It does get annoying, really quickly.
They have really, really blatantly obvious song titles too. Eg. Falling, Happy, Again, Vanish, Beautiful, Tonight. And surprise, surprise, those are the words that are repeated seven hundred times in the chorus.
Little things.

Anywho, I have to mention that I now have a second blog. I don't know why I made it. I just felt like it. But it's not going to be a blog blog. I think I'm just going to put up snippets of stories I have written. I will give you a link when I start posting on it, at the moment I don't think it even has a background picture.

My straightener just went off because it's been on for over an hour. Now I have to wait for it to get hot again. Sigh.

It is currently 8:41 and I am waiting for 10:10. Between now and then I will think of an awesome wish for 10:10 10/10/10. Originally I was going to wish for Alex Gaskarth to fall in love with and marry me... But apparently that is called paedophilia.
It'd be worth it.

No random question because my mind is a very dull place to be tonight and I am very certain that the answer would be boring and obvious.
Farewell Rocketship.

Friday, October 8, 2010

081010 - colour me cliche (part two)

I noticed that my blogs are sort of getting further apart, every two or three nights. It's mainly because Dad has come to the conclusion that MY laptop is HIS and every time he says "I want to play a game of poker" I have to get off immediately. Plus I'm still getting very bad block, but blog-block isn't as bad as writers block. Blog block usually goes once I stop talking to a certain person, but writers block is a disease and is slowly killing me.

Oh, I forgot to mention. I got highly commended for a short story I entered into the 2010 Literacy Comp. I'm really proud of myself. It would have been cool to have come first or something, but the letter I got said that first prize winners had to read out their story on the award night. I got invited to an award night!
I suppose there's a first for everything, eh? But I have to have photos taken or some rubbish so I may have to wear a paper bag over my head.
There are only two set backs. The award night is going to be held in Bardon (Brisbo). When I told Dad where it is, he said "BARDON! Bloody Bardon!" Apparently it's a shit of a town.
And I am supposed to be going for some writing lecture thing on the 20th which is the same day as the award night. Hoping Mum will let me go to both.

The day after my Ellen blog, my friend told me that Ellen might be coming to Australia next year or the week after! Not even kidding, I almost cried. I have GOT to meet her.
My life would be complete. Almost...

Google has changed! Like majorly, check it.
Random question:
Last three people you hugged:
This is a super hard question, because I hug a billion people.
Dad hugged me when I got home. That's one.
I hugged Bren goodbye. That's two.
I hugged Jessica goodbye too. There's three.
Wow, I'm proud for remembering that.

I can't put my Solitaire scores because they haven't really changed. I haven't been playing much. I don't even know what I do on the laptop anymore.
Sorry for super long blog! I think I may cut this in half. Yes, good idea Jessica.
Kay, I cut it in half. How it looks very... Short.
I shall think of something else to talk about.

Oh yes! In math, we got an assignment (first week back, too. How dodgy) that is apparently 10 pages long. I got it on Tuesday but still haven't looked at it, even though we were working on it today.
For a part of it, we have to get a car off of the internet that we are going to buy (theoretically).
The school internet is slower than... Well, think of something slow and times it by ten and that's how slow the school internet is.  While I was waiting for a page to load, I started playing Solitaire on the school computer. You know, the crappy Solitaire, that you have to click the cards so that they turn over, and that doesn't have an Undo or Hint button.
My teacher didn't like this much but I told her that I was only playing it while I waited for things to load. Haaaaaa, yeah no.

Nother random question cause I can.
Random question:
What's the best and worst thing that happened to you today?
Best: I got taken out of science to show my friend who started at Lockyer today to her class, and where to meet me at lunch. Also, I learnt how to make an origami heart. That was pretty cool too. But the best part was probably walking to the store this arvo with the boyfriend. I don't know why, but that's usually my favourite part of the day.
Worst: Boyfriend ditched me at lunch, twice! Jokes, it really didn't bother me, just wanted to make him feel bad. Sorry. Hmm... Probably that my art teacher lost my assessment and I had to start again from scratch. Luckily I hadn't done much on it, but to get back at her I wasted some yellow paint, by putting it all over my hands and Rach's elbow. And my nose.

Kay, I'm done. Now this blog is probably way too long. Oh well.
Farewell Rocketship.

081010 - colour me cliche (part one)

So last night, Mum and Dad went out for dinner, leaving me home alone (I didn't want to go, I was curly) and I made myself noodles because I really didn't feel like take-out. I put some water on the stove to boil for noodles and was going waiting until the water had boiled to put the noodles in (please do not laugh at my poor sentance-putting-together skills). Unfortunately, I completely forgot and remembered when the kitchen started smelling and the bottom of the pot had gotten burnt and the water smelt funny. I burnt water. Or, as my helpful Facebook friends pointed out, the water "evaporated".
Then when the noodles had finished cooking I drained too much water and they tasted bad. Sad face.

Yesterday afternoon when I was walking home from my friend's place, I had to cross a pedestrian crossing. It was about twenty to six (and still not dark, it doesn't get dark until around 6 - 6:30 this time of year) and there was no cars around, luckily. But I've realised that I really hate crossing crossings when there are cars. I feel really awkward when they have to stop for me, so usually if there is a car coming, I will stand back and pretend I don't want to cross the road. I never know if I should wave to thank them for stopping or smile or what. Usually I just avoid eye contact (don't point out that they are in a car and it would be harder to make eye contact than to avoid it). I don't look at the car, I look at my feet, in other words.
Even though I hate cars stopping to let me cross, I hate it even more when I actually want them to stop so I can cross (again, my poor sentence skills). Yesterday when I was standing on the edge of the road waiting to cross at a pedestrian crossing (it was busy because school had just finished), at least three cars drove past without even slowing down. That really pissed me off as well as making me look like an idiot.

Today, my favourite teacher was not at school and I had a double with her. Of course, with my luck, the class got landed with the H.O.D. (Head of Department) of SOSE.
Let me tell you about her.
She is estimated to be three hundred and fifty years old.
She wears long, high, wear-on-your-waist skirts with floral shirts or "blouses" as she probably calls them.
Her hair is fluffy and very thin, like old people hair and white - but some hair at the front has been dyed black.
Her eyebrows have drowned in her forehead wrinkles.
She cannot pronounce her R's. Thwee, Pwimary, Camwon.
Put all this together and you get what?
Seventy minutes of Hell, usually.
Unless you are in my class. The old oaf thought we were laughing at the 'rebel' kid making idiot comments at the back. Really, 80% of the class was pointing out every time she said W instead of R. And we found it hilarious.
"Be vewwy vewwy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits!"

I just cut this blog in half, so I shall post that in a minute. It was very long and I thought that it would be better in two parts.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

051010 - high hopes in velvet ropes

So, I have spent this afternoon stalking- I mean.. watching Ellen DeGeneres videos. She is my idol and I think I have fallen in love with her.

This is what she said in one video-

I am devastated by the death of 18-year-old Tyler Clementi. If you don't know, Tyler was a bright student at Rutgers University whose life was senselessly cut short. He was outed as being gay on the internet and he killed himself.
Something must be done. This month alone, there has been a shocking number of news stories about teens who have been teased and bullied and then committed suicide; like 13-year-old Seth Walsh in Tehachapi, California. Asher Brown, 13, of Cypress, Texas and 15-year-old Billy Lucas in Greensberg, Indiana. This needs to be a wake-up call to everyone: teenage bullying and teasing is an epidemic in this country, and the death rate is climbing.
One life lost in this senseless way is tragic. Four lives lost is a crisis. And these are just the stories we hear about. How many other teens have we lost? How many others are suffering in silence? Being a teenager and figuring out who you are is hard enough without someone attacking you.
My heart is breaking for their families, their friends and for a society that continues to let this happen. These kids needed us. We have an obligation to change this. There are messages everywhere that validate this kind of bullying and taunting and we have to make it stop. We can't let intolerance and ignorance take another kid's life.

Read more:

It's so hard to believe that these four boys were pushed so far that they went to the extreme and took their lives. And it's pretty upsetting considering that I can easily believe that people can be this cruel. People are horrible, yes. There will always be those disgusting people in the world who define you by your looks, your family, your race, your culture. Your sexuality.
FUCK ANYONE WHO TELLS YOU DIFFERENTLY, all you are and all you can be is the person under the skin. Don't change for anyone, don't let anyone put you down.
I have plenty of gay friends. My lesbian best friend is possibly the coolest girl I know.
"Things will get easier, peoples minds will change and you should be alive to see it."

Dinner conversation with my mother:
Me: When I grow up, I am going to marry Ellen DeGeneres.
Mum: ... Okay. ... Why?
Me: Because she is so cool and I love her.
Mum: I think her wife might take offence to you marrying her.
Me: Too bad.
Mum: At least her wife is Australian. But by the time you grow up, Ellen will be old and you won't have to put up with her for very long anyway. That's how you want them - old and rich.
Okay, I'm sorry, I talked about Ellen a lot this blog, but I have other things to talk about. Like my crap English assignment.

English is usually my favourite subject. I have a Scottish teacher who is a good teacher (even though at times I cannot understand him). But this term every class got assigned a novel and because he is Scottish, my teacher chose some stupid book that is set in Scotland. In a place spelled Alba but is pronounced 'Alapa' (what?).
I am only three chapters into the book, but so far, I have come to the conclusion that the author took a Shakespeare play, wrote it in her own words, then wrote her 'own' story - exactly the same as the Shakespeare story, except in modern Australia - and compared the two. That is not writing. That is plagiarism. And the fact that she wouldn't be able to write to save her life makes things even worse.
I am going to fail English this term.
I just had a laugh attack. My boyfriend is scared of hates moths.

Random question (not really a question but I'll do it anyway):
10 things that make you happy.
  1. In the morning, when I get to school and my best friend Jess runs to hug me first.
  2. When the N block bogans are in a particularly good mood and I am given not one, but TWO frozen poppers.
  3. The tuck shop's muffins. Best muffins in the world for $1.40. 
  4. Guy's deodorant.
  5. Thinking about Alex Gaskarth.
  6. Writing letters to Jess. 
  7. Justin Bieber jokes.
  8. When my solitaire win percentage goes up by one.
  9. Holding hands with my boyfriend.
  10. My boyfriend in general.

It's been a while since I last played solitaire, but I shall start playing it again, if my laptop stops being a loser and freezing every few minutes.
Solitaire statistics:
Games played: 1201
Games won: 524
Win percentage: 43%
Sorry this blog was so long and Ellen-y.
I now need to shower as I smell like Matt's deodorant which I stole out of his bag at first break.
Farewell Rocketship (I get the urge to say that at the end of every blog...)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

031010 - the hardest button to button

Sorry that I have been dead for so long (three days). I don't really have an excuse apart from the fact that I have spent the past three blog-free (hey, that rhymed) days procrastinating. Each night I would be on MSN or Facebook or both and I would go, "hey, I should write a blog... No, tomorrow. I'm not in a good enough, er, writing mood... Yeah... That's why..."
I can tell you though that I have a major headache. This morning I was woken up by someone stabbing (poking) me in the shoulder. Yes, I had a friend stay over. Yes, I have friends. Don't look at me like that.
It's believable.

My legs are literally about to fall off, they are that sore. I went to Relay For Life last night (fund-raiser for cancer survivors) and walked laps non-stop for ages with the boyfriend and Rachael or whoever would join us. My year co-ordinator now knows who I am dating and decided she would walk a lap with us. That could not have been more awkward.
But seriously, my year co-ordinator is really cool, she just knows how to annoy me. We get along though.
Last night while we were walking laps around the footy field, there was a group of guys drinking. Rachael got very angry at this and I totally agree - it is so wrong to get drunk at a charity event. They were being complete assholes to the walkers, us included. Most of the times we walked past they would call things out to Rachael.
It was just so rude though, considering how many young people were there. I don't think I will ever get drunk in public when I'm older. I don't want to ever be so drunk that I lose control of myself, I take after my mother.
Last night was good though. I got to spend time with my boyfriend after two weeks of holidays and I had a lot of fun between the poke wars and listening to him play my favourite songs. But just to clarify, I did NOT sing, I hummed. End of.

I just opened solitaire for the first time in about a week. Someone has been playing it, and changed the background and the pictures on the card. Now I'm really annoyed, they better not have ruined my awesome statistics.
Solitaire statistics:
Games played: 1176
Games won: 512
Win percentage: 43%

My eyes are all red and blotchy now because of the mascara I wore last night - when we got home we pretty much went straight to bed, as in turning off light and pretending to be asleep when Dad woke up. I didn't wipe off my make-up, which is gross, but I was way too tired. It's also waterproof, so I'm going to have to scratch my eyes out to get it off.
A few weeks ago, I had mascara on at school, and it wasn't overly noticeable. My English teacher looked at me after doing the roll and said, "you're looking very grown-up today, Jessica". I gave him a confused look and he continued, "are you wearing eye make-up?"
That really pissed me off. I wasn't wearing dark make-up, I wasn't wearing raccoon eyeliner, I wasn't wearing three layers of orange foundation. Some of the girls in that class who wore make-up every day NEVER get in trouble for it, no matter how obvious it is. Sigh.

Random question and then I am going to play Sims.

Who is your best friend?
This is something that always upsets me talking about. I'm going to put the whole story here.
I won't put her name. I met her in grade seven on MSN through my friend who changed schools.
We talked a lot on MSN and about half way through grade eight we met. We got along really well. I told her everything, she was the one person who knew me inside and out. And I say knew because now she wouldn't even be able to tell you the colour of my eyes.
She's really sick at the moment. See, her Dad passed away just a little while before I first talked to her. She struggled with depression for all of last year and a few months ago she broke down. Her Mum sent her to her Grandma's and I didn't hear from her for a month. I couldn't stand it, I knew nothing.
On the 9th of September, one day before her birthday, she sent me a message on Facebook. She explained everything.
My best friend, the girl who I could talk to about anything, no matter what, was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and psychotic depression.
All she remembers about me is my name and that I am her best friend.
That was the last time I talked to her. She's down in Perth now, hopefully getting all the help she can. Maybe she'll come back and remember everything. Maybe she'll come back a completely different person. All I can hope for is that she is okay.
I do miss her though, every day. She honestly was the strongest person I ever knew.

I've gone and got myself all upset now. Sorry for the depressing update. Sims, here I come.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

290910 - if it means a lot to you

I am so tired right now. I went out today - SHOPPING. God, I hate shopping. It wasn't too bad though, I suppose. I got some new clothes and sushi. Not the greatest sushi, and even worse because I always use too much soy sauce and run out before I'm finished eating. It never tastes as good without soy sauce. I think that after noodles, sushi is my favourite food.

Today my sister made me buy a dress. Yes, a dress. Apparently I am supposed to be her sister but up until today I wasn't.
I hate dresses, skirts, pants. Jeans and a T-shirt is good enough for me.

Oh, and I forgot to pack peejays for Brisbo therefore I am sleeping in jeans until we go home. Some idiot decided to give me the room with the exercise ball, you know those huge blow-up ones? Yeah, well, last night I spent 65% of the time I was meant to be sleeping, sleeping, and the other 35% was dedicated to playing on the gym ball and making pillow fortresses. This is what happens when I am told to go to bed at 9PM. Yeah, 9PM. As if.
At about ten, I had a sneezing attack. Pretty sure I woke everyone in the house up.
My pillow house was pretty cool, and I don't think I've ever had that many pillows in my life. But once I had built it, I couldn't get into it without the light, so I left the lamp on. Supposedly my uncle started yelling through the door for me to go to bed around midnight. Oops.

The scroll button on this laptop is totally retarded and goes really slowly then won't let me go faster. It's horrible, I miss my shitty laptop already. Not sure if I'm going home tomorrow or Friday, hope tomorrow because I have a billion ideas for my story but I didn't put it on my USB before I left. Idiot.
What the hell is up spell check's bum? It's telling me I spelt story wrong. *Turns off spell check.

It hasn't been very good beach weather but I think I'll ask sister if we can go for a walk down to the beach tomorrow even if it's raining. She probably will want to go home early, but I am trying to persuade her to buy me a haircut. I spent all my money today (thirty dollars that rents gave me, aunt paid for everything else).

I just saw this status on my Facebook homepage:
"The people who don't treat you well are like us, and we're plates... When we're all used and dirty, we're thrown away! ... DISPOSABLE TEENAGERS."
Obviously I grammatically fixed it, but I thought that was pretty cool. I did have more to write about it but now I couldn't be arsed.

I didn't do a random question yesterday, so I suppose I will do two now.
Random question number one:
Would you rather go to Hogwarts or meet All Time Low?
This is a very difficult question. I mean, I would LOVE to meet All Time Low, but Hogwarts, oh my gosh. I think I would go to Hogwarts and then once I had left and was a fully trained wizard, I would summon Alex Gaskarth. Then I would keep him as a pet and force him to sing to me.
... Well that was awkward.
No, I wouldn't keep him as a pet, but you know... Close to that. I'm such a stalkerish person. Well, not really... But I make out to be in these blogs. I bet half of the people who read these are either worried about me or scared of me. In real life I'm pretty cool though. *Cough.

Random question number two:
You can choose one super power. What would you choose?
I've always hated this question, I don't even know why I chose it.
Can I have two super powers? Pretty please? Thanks.
Super power #1 - ability to fly. If only I was Voldemort.
Super power #2 - ability to be invisible. Oh, the things I could do.
At first I thought that being able to read someone's mind would be really cool, but now that I think about it... It would be so scary. If someone was inside of my head they would probably flip out and never talk to me again. Whenever I'm thinking say, something mean about someone, I suddenly freak out in case they can read my mind and say nice things about them in my head. Yeah, I'm that weird.

HEY, that reminds me! Today in Big W, I was in the book part of the store. I saw an Eclipse book and "accidentally" dropped it. Then, on my quest to find a Harry Potter book, I stumbled upon a whole section full of the vile series. Being the dedicated Twilight hater that I am, I took some time out of my day to put other (obviously better) books in front of them all. I hope that some disappointed Twitlight fan goes home tonight, upset because he/she couldn't find any of the books at Big W.
Yeah, I'm pretty heartless.
A few months ago, in the city with my best friend, we stopped at a bookstore. When the book store staff wasn't watching, I picked up a pile of Twilight books and hid them across the store. I am just that awesome.

Pretty sure this blog is long enough now, and I may even lose some followers due to my Twilight hating.
I have to get ready to go out now. Yeah, going out twice in one day, it's amazing!

By the way, I signed into Blogger this afternoon and saw three comments on my last blog. Totally made my day. It even topped the dog drooling on me and making me smell of dog slobber. You know how much I love that.
Thanks for the comments! As soon as I'm home I promise I will go on a rampage and comment all the new blogs I haven't checked. That's always fun!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

280910 - the alamo is no place for dancing

Okay, prepare for maybe the shortest ever blog (unless I lose track of how long it is and keep typing). For a start, I'm at my aunt's place and my sister is next to me and possibly reading this as I write it.

It's raining at the moment so my hair has chucked a tantrum. Apparently there's a storm coming at ten past three and it's exactly that now, so I shall brace myself.
Last night I did say I wouldn't be back until Thursday but now I have a laptop and nothing to do with it.
I just caught my sister reading this, so I changed tabs.

On the drive to Brisbo I found out that abusing the GPS runs in my family. My sister got very annoyed and yelled at it when it told us to take the second exit at the round-about. We were on the motorway.
I tried to get the GPS to navigate us to Tinny's place but apparently it doesn't have a path to take us to New Zealand.

I might be staying here until Friday, too, and I think I only packed three pair of jeans. I forgot to pack my green toothbrush but luckily I have a red one in my handbag. Yeah, I don't know why it's there either.
On another note, why the hell does it wait until holidays to rain? I suppose it's better than it raining at school, what with my spastic hair. I didn't even have enough time to straighten it this morning so I just did my fringe and then the wind killed it even more on the drive.

I was just playing a game and I was so close to winning.
Not really, but yeah.
I took a photo. Just for you.

I only found out about embedding links the other day. I thought it was the coolest thing ever so I will probably have a lot in my blogs from now on.
Like now.
I would pretty please like everyone to read my story. It's only a start but I will try to get the next chapter up before the end of the holidays.
This is my booksie page and this is my story.
Read my story read my story read my story read my story. Please.
Rachael says it's the best I've written. Tell me what you think pretty please. I may just love you forever.
Oh, unless you're Bren. Then you aren't allowed to read it. Ever.

Monday, September 27, 2010

270910 - guys like you make us look bad

This is going to be a very rushed blog as I should be in bed and I think Dad will wake up and find me.
Firstly - 11:11, make a wish.
Secondly - wait, I just got an email from Facebook so I have to check that.
Okay, secondly - yesterday I was too lazy to make a blog because I was so tired. Cough.

Perfect beach weather. Went to beach. Not allowed to swim. Trip to coast = useless. Oh, apart from bringing home smelly brother.
Drove from coast to Brisbane. Brother gloated about his week at the coast. I drank half-frozen juice.
Arrived at the farm. Got scared of my relatives and stayed twelve centimetres away from mother at all times. Awkward conversation with aunt about travelling.
Food. Everyone goes outside for food. Sit next to mother. Pretend to be interested in conversation about gluten-free food while drinking hot lemonade.

Pretty sure it was just the wind.

Okay. After hot lemonade = escape family to amazing climbing tree previously mentioned.
Half of climbing tree cut down. Moment of sorrow. Climb tree. Laugh at brother not able to climb tree. Brother leave. Chase after brother because the tree is scary when alone.
Ride golf buggy.
Yeah, you heard me. A golf buggy. And I didn't even have to play golf. Let's just say, that was the most awesome thing I've done all holidays. And there was an eight year old giving me directions and a two year old between us holding on for dear life.
I don't even know where they got a golf buggy.

On the way home I decided that my parents like traumatizing the GPS. "Turn right," says the GPS. So Dad turns left. "Turn back where possible," says the GPS.
Dad laughs.
Dad says, "SHUT UP."
The GPS changes route.
"Turn right," says the GPS.
"No, I don't want to go that way," says Dad.
"Oh my God Dad, just turn it off," I say.
"No, it's fun to listen to," he says.
Face. Palm.

Last night I started planning with my boyfriend to see a movie sometime this week. Yeah, sure, that's great, until your sister tells you she's been secretly planning to take you on holidays. Who does that? And how did she expect me to pack my bag and get in the car without being a tad bit suspicious?
Needless to say, I'm not going to the movies with my boyfriend this week. However, Relay for Life is on on like... Friday I think. That's still like.... Five days. I miss my boyfriend. And yes. Yes, I do realise how lame I sound. I may as well go to Twitter to complain about this.

I am hoping to get a haircut while I am on holidays (going to Brisbane to stay with my aunt). I don't want my hair to be short again but It will probably have to be to get rid of all my split ends. Stupid straightener. Why can't you and my hair just get along?

Dad just woke up. I'm screwed. Be back Thursday.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

250910 - with friends like you, who needs friends

This is my second blog of the day. I just really feel the need to post right now as a certain guy is not online and I am in the best writing mood. Oh my gosh, I think I will be able to write this blog really quickly.

Okay, so today I went outside. I went for a walk, actually, with my friend. My hair was really dodgy, but luckily for me, I found my pretty hat the other day. It made my hair at least semi-bareable. I am in need of a haircut very badly, my split ends have gotten so bad due to me never feeling like putting protection in when I straighten it. My heat-protection spray smells like oranges. I love it. It just feels horrible when I put it in.
I am afraid to get my hair cut because I know when they go to cut my split ends off I will be left with no hair. I kind of like having hair.

Tomorrow I am going to the coast. But as it turns out, I will not be swimming, and I will not be getting a tan. Instead, I will be picking up my brother from the beautiful beach house he is staying at, and then leaving. There's no point in going, really, except that afterwards we are going to Rochedale.
What is Rochedale? The town where my mother grew up, and where I spent close to every weekend as a child. My mum lived on a farm, where my grandparents lived up until a few years ago. It is honestly my favourite place in the world.
It's a fairly big farm, I think. I don't know how many acres. There is a field of lettuce, carrot and whatever the hell else they want, a few cow paddocks, a huge horse paddock and a really, really, really huge paddock of custard apples, which is really scary. There's also this big tree that is amazing for climbing. I love climbing trees, I'm so ninja at it, even if I am really gumby any other time.
My favourite cousin, the only one with whom I get along, is not going to be there, but I am still looking forward to spending an hour in that tree.

Sometime this week I realised that it had been a while since I had noticed a random bruise, but yesterday one came up on my leg, and I saw one on my arm when I was straightening my hair this morning. I really do not appreciate this, because these aren't the bruises that feel cool when you touch them, they're the ones that really, really hurt.

Okay, so I went on my Booksie (writing site) yesterday and I had all my old stories and stuff on there. I actually had a lot more comments than I remember. But I decided since it's been so long since I last posted that I should start again, therefore I deleted everything and I have now posted my 'first' thing.
Unless your name is Bren, click HERE and read chapter one. If your name IS Bren, ignore this paragraph and definitely do not click there.
It sucks when your boyfriend reads your blog. No offence Bren, I just don't want you to read my crappy writing... It's embarrassing.

Anyway, I'm meant to be asleep. I have to get up early tomorrow. Sigh. Goodnight everyone.

Friday, September 24, 2010

250910 - misery loves its company

I have no idea what is wrong with me. Since the holidays have started, I haven't been able to sleep in longer than about 9AM. Even if I do stay up until 2 or 3.
And even worse, I was having THE best dream, EVER, and I woke up. I met All Time Low. And it was freaking awesome. Rian had hair though. That was strange. And my boyfriend was there too. How I wish I finished that dream...
Whenever I wake up before I want to, I don't open my eyes, I just lie there and try to fall asleep again. I think that if I don't open my eyes, I will trick my body into believing that I'm still asleep.

Something died in my sisters car. Not even joking, it STINKS. I had to run upstairs and get my (brother's) deodorant. And even then, it made the car smell worse. When we went down town, we had to wind the windows up, and it was so bad we could hardly even get back into the car afterwards.
I permanently borrowed my brothers deodorant. It's man deodorant and I really like it. I'm such a man on the inside. If I was born a guy it would be so much easier for me. Just joking...I really shouldn't write this stuff where my boyfriend can see it...I probably shouldn't talk about how sexy Alex Gaskarth is either.
I mean...What?

That reminds me... Apart from this blog, I haven't written anything in over a month. This must be his fault because I think about him too much.
DAMN IT, I missed 11:11.

I don't feel much like blogging at the moment. I'm too tired. Why must I constantly be tired?
Later I am making cookies with Marishka. And I think mother is going to buy M&Ms for our cookies. Let's just hope Marishka doesn't decide she wants to eat all the cookie dough.
The other day I went for a walk with her and we saw this huge, not even kidding, HUGE ant nest with like, five thousand entrances. I started jumping on it and they didn't come out to attack me, so I picked up a stick and started shoving it into the ant holes. Then, get this, they started crawling all over me, I nearly cried. I don't think I will stir up an ant nest for a while.

Solitaire statistics:
Games played: 1111
Games won: 481
Win percentage: 43% (getting good)

Random question:
What was the last CD you bought?
Trigger Theory. I got it at their gig, which was the first I've ever been to. It was awesome. I went with my friend (who is now not my friend) and her boyfriend (who is now my boyfriend...awkward) and I stayed at my friends place that night. We got home somewhere between 11 and midnight and then decided we should watch movies. About halfway through Up we fell asleep. Some idiot woke me up super early the next morning so we could finish watching Up. I was so dead.
I want to watch Up now. And I want a Kevin.

I am too lazy to spellcheck this so if there are mistakes I'm deathly sorry. Not really, I couldn't care less at the moment. I'll read over it tomorrow. Now I am going to play Sims.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

230910 - i want to conquer the world

I just had a dream that my alarm went off and it woke me up. Why must my dreams be so strange?
I also dreamed about people getting on a bus... And not handing in a science assignment, then my science teacher going off at me. Then in art we had to write a 'short story' and I wrote a hundred pages.
I am dreaming about school. This is bad.

So, I have only just woken up about ten minutes ago, it is 9:35AM, I got about nine hours sleep, I am dead tired, I am home alone and I have just won my first game of solitaire for the day.
I am in a strange mood. I want to clean the whole house, so that when Mum and Dad get home they aren't angry that I did nothing. I think I will start by vacuuming.
Vacuum is such a funny word. Shouldn't it be spelt ' vaccume'? I don't know. That looks funny too. It's a stupid word. Why didn't they think of a normal name for it. Like 'floor cleaner'.

Something Tina pointed out that annoys me is when girls where pants that are so short that the pockets are showing under them. It looks stupid. But then again, if I was skinny enough to wear them I probably wouldn't complain.
Tina's Mum thinks that if its wider than it is long, it's a belt. I love that.

I love the vegetable sachet that comes with Black and Gold cup noodles. I usually pick out the peas, but the carrot is so good. It makes the noodles taste five hundred times better. I wish there were more bits of carrot in the sachet.
I love how underneath where it says 'Beef Flavoured Noodles', it says with two ticks, 'Quality Assured' and 'Includes Fork'.
Is that what people think when they buy noodles? 'Oh, I don't want to buy those, they don't come with a fork', 'hey look! These noodles come with a fork! I am going to buy them now!'

I just looked up and there is this MONSTROUS spider on my ceiling. Now I'm terrified and can't stop looking at it. It's moving. WHY MUST IT BE IN MY ROOM? Now I won't be able to sleep tonight.
It won't stop moving. What if I look away for a minute and then can't find it again? I'm so scared. It's huge and black. Maybe a Redback but it's too far away to see. Oh no, I think it wants to come down the wall. STAY AWAY FROM ME SPIDER.
Wait, he's going away from the wall. He's walking really slowly, maybe he thinks that I won't notice. Nice try, big, angry-looking spider. I WILL get my mother to spray you with bug spray when she gets home.
OH NO. IT'S ON THE WALL. Please stop moving spider, please, please, please.
I think I am going to cry.
Jess thinks that I should name it Barry the Black Spider. I don't want to name the thing. It might think it's wanted. In that case, it might make a permanent home. Oh gosh, I'm scared just thinking about it.
Now she's trying to convince me that it doesn't want to eat me. Yeah, and Kennedy's are gun shy.
Sam suggested that I use the vacuum cleaner. Not a bad suggestion, but maybe the spider will realise what I am doing and run into the corner or something. Or maybe he will eat the vacuum whole.
When I was little, I was afraid to kill spiders, in case all their relatives came to get revenge. Actually I still think that will happen.
Okay, so, my sister came into my room and I started to complain to her about the giant thing on my roof. She came back a minute later with Mortein and stank out my room, but hey, the spider is dead. I am safe once again.

Random question:
Who's your favourite author?
The OBVIOUS answer to this would be J. K. Rowling. But I'm not obvious therefore J. K. Rowling is not my favourite author. Bet I tricked you.
I love Judy Blume - she's more of a little kiddy author and I read all her book in grade seven, but I still love her books. I also like John Marsden (oh yeah, I started reading the Tomorrow series again yesterday) and Daniel Waters (Generation Dead).
But my all-time favourite author is, of course - Stephanie Meyers.
That was meant to be a joke but it wasn't very funny, was it? Sorry, I will never mention her again.

When I mentioned J. K. Rowling before, I remembered that this morning I went in to town with my sister and we went to the toy store. She found a pair of Harry Potter glasses and told me she would buy them for me for my birthday. Score!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

220910 - fashion conscious suicide

It's 10:40 PM, I'm listening to Remembering Sunday on repeat and it is now officially the highest played song on my iTunes (only 141 plays, not that impressive [I've only been using this user for a little while, otherwise the number of plays would be like a thousand plus]). Today was one of those days where you do nothing but feel exhausted really early in the night. Actually that's my life story. Nevertheless, at least I can blame tiredness for the extreme crappiness of this update.

My mum has these lollies. I'm not sure what they're called, she put them in a plastic container. But they are little tiny coloured cubes. And they smell like musks. And they taste like crap.
I just ate a purple one and it got stuck in my teeth.
I remember last year my sister bought home some awful cube lollies, but those cubes had sharp edges and these cubes have curved edges. I dont think they are actually cubes. More like...Cylinders.
I ended up throwing the cubes around my room whenever I got bored. They really hurt when I stood on them.

I realised before that my family doesn't have Christmas dinner on Christmas night. We have it on Christmas eve, because when I was younger and did Sunday school, we would have the play thing on Christmas night and it was too late for Mum to cook a roast. So we have this huge big dinner on Christmas eve and have chicken nuggets and chips on Christmas night. How classy.

Think about this:
Rachael/Reicheru <3 says (11:00 PM):
*i do not understand
*those sensored soap things
*cause you wash your hands after getting the soap
*so what does it matter if the bottle has germs

I get so upset when I lose a game of solitaire. I'm trying really hard to get my win percentage up. I'm going pretty well:
Games played: 988
Games won: 408
Win percentage: 41%
Is it slightly strange that I cannot wait to get to four digets or is that just really pathetic?

^ Those statistics were from last night. I admit, I did kind of write most of this blog last night and now I'm just editting it and such. My statistics now are:
Games played: 1032 (OH MY GOODNESS, LOOK, FOUR DIGETS!)
Games won: 431
Win percentage: 41%

I promise I will go outside this week, okay, so you stop worrying about me. Besides, I'm going to the beach on Saturday. That means a tan! Yay!
I have a really funny tan, like the top side of my arm is brown and the bottom side is white. Like, really, really white.
And my friends Matt and Cameron always make jokes that I have a green tan and that I'm scared of the sun (because I sit in the shade at lunch times). I always argued that I am not green, but I was sitting in math a week or two ago and I looked at my arms and thought 'oh my gosh, I'm green.'

Random question:
Have you ever had an 'online relationship'?
Yes and no. Like, it wasn't as if I had never met the guy. I'll just tell you the full story.
I went on this sort of like, summer camp, before I went into grade nine. Tina went on the camp too. As did another girl in my grade who I'm friends with, Fiona.
There was this guy there, I won't say his name. We got on pretty well and I maybe, sorta, kinda liked him. Then everyone started saying he liked me back (don't know how, 80% of that camp my hair was natural, oh the shame). Apparently he was going to ask me out on camp but that never happened. Anyway, the day that we were leaving, everyone was exchanging Facebooks and stuff. I got the guy's number/Facebook/MSN.
We talked a lot on MSN and he asked me out. I don't even know why I said yes, considering he lived so far away and it's not like we would see eachother anyway. We lasted less than a week, no surprises there.
I haven't seen him since the camp, but a certain someone decides to remind me every so often.
See, whenever we were going somewhere on the camp, eg. the beach (every morning), we would listen to "Veggie Tales" on the bus. They were singing vegetables and I thought they were the best freaking thing since sliced bread. Everyone would be all like "oh my God, turn it off, seriously" but I would sing along, really loudly.
And then there was this one song that went like, "Dinah won't you blow, Dinah won't you blow, Dinah won't you blow your horn..."
The girls Tina and I shared a cabin with decided to remake that song with "Jessica wants to blow (insert name of guy mentioned above)'s horn."
Kind of surprised me, a) because it was a Christian camp and b) because they were like, twelve.
Anyway, every time I annoy Fiona she starts singing that song and I die a little bit inside.

What a bloody long, boring blog. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

210910 - let's hear it for rock bottom

It's almost twelve noon and I am still in bed, still in my pyjamas.

I don't know why, but whenever I think about leaving high school I think of it as all these opportunities gone. It's like I think that as soon as high school is over, everything ends, like I have to grow up and get a job and do all those adult-like things. I don't want to grow up.
I know that when you graduate it's really opportunities being opened, but when I'm this old, it just seems like everything ends as soon as I'm out of my teens.
Yeah, it does sound stupid but it makes sense in my head.
I don't have a clue what I want to do with my life. I have a vague idea of what I want to be but that doesn't say anything, it changes all the time. Just the other day I went from wanting to be a lawyer to wanting to be a teacher to wanting to work in hospitality.
Really, all I want to be is an author, but I know how hard it is to get into that and I honestly can not see myself getting published-there are so many better writers out there.
But anyway..

I think my eyes have gotten worse. They keep going blurry like they have sleep in them twenty-four seven. I probably just need new glasses but I am sick of my glasses as is. I always leave them in the bathroom accidentally and then someone goes for a shower and I'll have to wait for them to get out before my eyes stop eating themselves.
By the way, it is now 2:10 PM and I have listened to Straight To DVD soundtrack twice, taken a shower and played about seven thousand games of solitaire since I started writing this update.

I am so bored. My boyfriend went on holidays. Why does everyone have a life but me? Hey, that's okay, I'll just eat a popper with a spoon and play Sims. You guys suck.

Solitaire statistics:
Games played: 966
Games won: 395
Win percentage: 40% (oh my gosh, finally!)

Random question:
Can you make a cake?
Yes. If you give me the ingredients and instructions. It's really not that hard, I could do it on my own, but my mother insists that I am stupid and cannot work a mixer by myself.

Sorry for the lame question, I got twelve hours sleep last night and I'm still majorly tired. What is this?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

19/200910 - i feel like this should last a lifetime

This is an inbetweeny blog. It is in between yesterday and tomorrow (no, not today). It's because I want to write a blog now (at the moment it is still Sunday) but I won't be finished until Monday and I will want to write a blog Monday night.
I feel so lovely right now and I wanted to blog about my lovelyness. It's raining and I'm inside in my warm bed talking to three of the most amazing people. The only thing that could make this better is if someone bought me sushi.
Wait, what?

I'm wearing a shirt I got for $5 at JayJays because it's ripped and pyjama pants, sitting cross-legged and my hair is up (and partially falling out at the back) with my fringe pushed back. I feel so...Lovely. I'm tired but not overly tired, and I think I could stay up all night if I wanted to. But I'm seeing a friend tomorrow, so that is not a smart thing to do.
My Dad woke up before and told me to go to sleep, but he went back to bed, so what he doesn't know won't hurt him.

I love when I look at something bright, then when I look away there's a shadow in my vision. It's a really cool feeling and I blink lots so that I can see it more. Now that I think of it, I probably look very funny when I blink continuously.
I just thought I might add that I have butterflies right now and I think they have taken up permanant residence in my stomach. Or at least while I'm talking to him.

OH MY GOSH, you will never guess what. Oh, I'll just tell you. I finally went up one in my win percentage!
Solitaire statistics:
Games played: 857
Games won: 330
Win percentage: 38%

This is quite a short blog, but only because I want to post it right on midnight.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

190910 - sometimes selling out is giving up

I had the coolest dream the other night, and I've only just remembered it now.
I missed the Hogwarts Express and I was trying to get to Hogwarts by walking. Then I saw this pretty asian girl on a bicycle, but not just a normal bicycle, one with a roof over it, yes? Anyway, I held on to the back of the bicycle-trailer thing and was dragged along for ages. Then we were in this forest and came to a big lake. The girl didn't even realise I was holding on to her but when she realised she was totally cool with it.
Heaps of other stuff happened, but I don't remember. Anyway, I went through a secret passageway in a toilet (like in book seven) and got to Hogwarts, but I was late and Snape yelled at me.
So awesome.

I am on holidays! Which means....Sitting around every day on MSN and Tumblr.
Yesterday, I went to the coast. We were just dropping my brother as his friend's beach house, but while we were waiting for them to get there, my sister, her boyfriend and I went down onto the beach. I didn't know we would be going to the beach, so I was wearing jeans and my fakes. I had to abandon my shoes and roll my jeans up. Even then, I always go a little further into the surf than I originally plan, therefore I got the bottom half of my pants soaked.
I left them rolled up while we were driving and when we got out at a shopping centre about half an hour later to get ice-cream, I unrolled them and the sand attacked me. I had a sandbox in my jeans.

Just before, I started watching an anime series I borrowed from my sister's boyfriend on the TV in the lounge room. Dad sat down and started watching it too, and he was so amazed by it. It's one of those corny Japanese love stories but Dad really got into it. I'm now afraid that he will start watching it while I'm asleep or something. My family is the strangest.

I just put some moisturising cream on my hands and it smells good but feels really gross and it is going to make the laptop keys sticky.

I think there is something wrong with my fish. We have *counts* six goldfish and none of them seem to move much. Although, I just put some fish food in the tank and they all went crazy.
A few months back, we had two snails. One day I looked at the tank and one of the snail shells was floating around. I told Mum and she said maybe it had died, but we never found the sluggy part of it. I'm confused, what happens to snails when they die? Maybe the fish ate it.
Goldfish are very resiliant animals. One time we had a wishing well out the front and there was a big gold fish in it, and it jumped out of the wishing well one night and Dad found it lying on the ground the next day. It was still alive. He put it back in the wishing well and it just started swimming again.
A while later, when the fish was in a tank upstairs again, it jumped out. Several times. But that never killed it. It got in fights with the other fish too, but we had it for years, and I think it just died of old age. It's name was Goldie, how original.

I totally forgot to blog for two days (not really, I just haven't had anything interesting to say. I still don't, I just resided in blogging about fish) but I shall try to update every night these holidays (yeah, right).


Thursday, September 16, 2010

160910 - wake up the voiceless

It is currently 4:25 in the afternoon and I am sitting cross-legged on my bed in mismatched pyjamas and odd socks, drinking Lemon Squash out of a bendy straw. It is now 4:39PM and I am still on my second sentence. This is going to take ages to write.

I've just noticed how nervous I get when I'm talking to someone and they look at places other than my eyes (eg. nose, mouth). I get worried that there might be something on my face. Whenever I'm talking to someone I try to only look at their eyes because otherwise I might make them uncomfortable. Even then, I'm bad at making eye contact.

Yesterday, my mum moved everything in my room around. I now have no idea where anything is (not that I could find a great deal before she ruined everything) and it is starting to bug me. On the other hand though, she found my wallet and handbag.
Contents of my handbag:
- A black Sharpie
- A zebra
- Five Nintendo DS games (I don't even own a Nintendo DS)
- Pretty smelling roll on
- Eyeliner sharpener (one of the fancy ones with two holes)
- Three eyeliner lids (no pencils)
- Six pens, one pencil
- One Green Day and two All Time Low badges
- A nail file
- A hairband and six bobby pins
- Another pen
- A toothbrush
- Two band aids and two Vapodrops
- A soduku book
- Hand cream
- Tanning lotion (I used it once...)
- A pair of my sisters sunglasses
When the world is about to end, come with me. My handbag can still fit five hundred other items.

Rachael once asked me whether I say zeebra or zebra. When I thought about it I couldn't remember how I say it. I think I say zebra but zeebra sounds so much cooler to say.
Sigh. Spellcheck has just gone crazy and highlighted everything I have written. Stupid spellcheck.

It is now 5:06 and I am no longer drinking Lemon Squash. The red paint I put all over my left hand in art is peeling and sticking to my pillow.
Also, paint does not taste pretty and all paint tastes the same. Yellow and red do not each have separate tastes. Pity, really, I used to imagine what colours would taste like.
Pink tasted like fairy floss... Yellow tasted like sunflowers... And so on and so on.

4:15PM and my solitaire statistics are showing:
Games played: 778
Games won: 293
Win percentage: 37% (still)

Random question:
What was the last thing you dreamed about?
Last night I dreamed that a boy in my grade had hamsters and echidnas at school in a big box. I love echidnas. I picked up one of the echidnas and it was like a leech and was sucking my hand. There was something else happening but I can't remember. I have the most awesome dreams, then I forgot when I wake up. I only remember if I wake up "naturally" (not by an alarm or Mum/Dad).

Random question number two (I am exceptionally bored this afternoon):
What is your favourite invention?
Definitely the potato peeler. Or the spork. Maybe even can openers. But probably the spork. Who would even think of that? And then the name. Whoever invented the spork must have been a legend. A legend with a lot of time on his hands...

Random question number three (I am still exceptionally bored):
What toothpaste do you use?
The Colgate ran out the week before last so Mum bought some new stuff (some cheap brand... I shall go check what it is called) called Dental Pro. You can just tell from looking at it that it is going to suck - it doesn't even have a connected cap. You have to screw the lid off.
When you put it on the toothbrush, it smells horrible. And if something smells bad, you are not going to want to put it in your mouth.
Then it tastes worse than it smells. It tastes like disinfectant of some sort. Like something you put on your newly pierced ears.
This morning when I was putting toothpaste on my toothbrush, it fell off. Just...fell off. And then, it didn't even splat on the floor. It stayed in a little cylinder, like how it comes out of the tube.
Oh, and it is blue with little white flecks in it. It is some seriously wacked toothpaste. Mum bought two tubes of it.

I love how every time I comment on my blog I immediately get pop-up saying new email from "farewell rocketship."
It is now 5:53PM and I am lying on my belly, I've taken down my hair and put my glasses on. My hands are really cold.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

150910 - wild nights and fist fights

I am so very tired meaning this blog shall be rushed and may not make x-amount of sense. I think that's what they say....X-amount? Anyway, I do not care in the least. I have just seen Tomorrow, When The War Began and it was incredibly incredible. Very close to the book.

This morning I woke up early, I even beat the sun up. I was over tired (I still am) and somehow ended up in a conversation with my mother and sister about Kiwi-fruit. At seven A.M. No-one's brain should be able to function properly at that time of day and we were discussing whether a Kiwi-fruit originates from China or New Zealand. I said China and we settled it by loading up Google.
I typed in, "where do," and Autocomplete came on. The second suggestion was "where does Justin Bieber come from?"
People really need lives. I can't really talk, obviously, though I am not stalking a seven year old girl.
Oh, and the Kiwi-fruit comes from China.

I have just noticed how much I hate my hands. They are quite small and I have tiny fingernails. It is a weird thing to notice but everyone has normal sized fingernails and mine are just little. I can't even wear fake nails because fake nails are too big for mine.
I do wish I had bigger hands.

I was doing exceptionally well in this update until someone decided we should play a game of truth or dare. Not blaming you.
It actually gave me an idea for a question.

Random question:
If the country was being taken over by Japanese and you were escaping, what three items would you take?
Laptop would be useless. Phone would be useless. Camera would die and hence forth be useless. I would probably take an endless supply of beef two minute noodles (they count as one object), a deck of playing cards (to feed my solitaire addiction) and some random who can play guitar (he is bringing his own guitar...and carrying it, too). But when the guitar breaks I am afraid I will have no use for him and he must go. Oh, that was mean. I'm sorry.

I am trying to sound more nerdy-blog-girl type tonight as Rachael has informed me that my blog is not as cool anymore. Apparently I don't sound awesome like I used to.

In other news, Sunday is national 'talk like a pirate day.' I have a pirate joke for you.
What is a pirate's favourite letter?
No, not arrrrrrrr, the mighty C of course!
Oh, I am so funny. Actually I stole it from Porno Music slash Comment Time on Community Channel.

I keep adding to this update because I had something I needed to say before but I forgot so now I am just typing random things to try to remember.

This isn't the important news but it is still quite amazing. Tomorrow is....THURSDAY!
Thursday is the best day, I think you are aware...I have told you before I think? A few Wednesdays back.
Anyway, tomorrow is going to be the best Thursday ever because it is the second last day of school meaning...BLUDGE DAY! Woo! Mind you, every day for me is bludge day.

I still haven't remembered what I was going to say...But I should probably post this so someone can go to bed. Oh, I should probably sleep too...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

140910 - you're gonna go far, kid

I just ate a really sour lolly and I almost cried. But now that all the sourness is gone it actually tastes nice *insert smile here*.

Today I took my writing book to school because I started a new story last night and was hoping to get inspiration at school (yeah, right...more like I took it so I could doodle in maths) and my friend was reading a page. I completely forgot she had it and when I looked over next another girl was reading my (semi)diary entries. I nearly died. I hate people reading my stories and what she was reading was totally embarrassing. Note to self: do not take writing book to school.

I am currently trying to learn my music piece which I have to play tomorrow (yes, I am one of those stupid kids who leaves everything 'til the last minute). My laptop is sitting on my piano and when I type it decides that it wants to hit piano buttons and starts blasting the demo music. For some reason my piano now sounds like a xylophone. I don't even feel like changing it back.

I just wrote this huge paragraph on some really deep stuff, then I thought it was too serious and deleted it all. *Hits self in head*

Solitaire statistics:
Games played: 750
Games won: 280
Win percentage: 37%

Didn't do a random question last night (I realised after I posted) so now I shall do two.
Random question(s):
If you could marry one person in the whole world, who would it be?
Alex Gaskarth. No ifs, buts or maybes. He is, without a doubt, the sexiest man alive. Oh and his band is pretty cool too.

Name someone you want to kiss.
Alex Gaskarth. No ifs, buts or maybes. He is, without a doubt, the sexiest man alive. Oh and his band is pretty cool too.

See what I did there? Yeah, sorry that was lame.

Today all through the music exam, all I could think about was playing Mario. I don't know if this is normal or not.
I may or may not have cheated on a few questions. But don't tell Rachael.

Yesterday would have been my Nana's birthday.
R.I.P. 210509.
I miss you more than anything.

Monday, September 13, 2010

130910 - we are godzilla, you are japan

I am in love with beef noodles. But only Maggi and Black & Gold (cup noodles). A few months ago, Maggi (the idiots) decided to change their recipe. My mum didn't realise and bought two packets, and they were utterly uneatable. She then went down and bought another packet, thinking it was the one I like. Silly Mum. In the cupboard we have like 15 packets of the disgusting beef noodles and no one will eat them. That's how bad they are.
Maggi obviously realised their mistake and brought back the old recipe, but for some strange reason Mum hasn't bought any for a week or two. I don't know why, and it's driving me crazy. I wanted noodles so badly that I ate a packet of chicken that was in the cupboard. They were tasteless and soggy (I forgot to take them off of the stove).

I hate the weather. It hates me.
The past few months it has been so cold, and I wouldn't even complain if it would bloody snow. It's was just a horrible cold. And now suddenly Spring has hit and it feels like Summer. I already wish it was June again. The Queensland weather is so stupid and it only ever rains when school is on. I hate that. My stupid hair goes curly and EVERYONE points it out. Soon it'll get so hot that I won't even feel like straightening my hair. The straightener gets too hot after about ten minutes and burns my hands.

I don't drink Milo anymore. It's quite sad considering I'm Australian and pretty much every other person in the country likes Milo. I don't like it because one night when I was home alone I ate half a container of Milo. Now it makes me feel sick. Whenever Mum or Dad makes me Milo, I shovel off the top bit and just drink the milk. I like milk, and milk plus ice cream (vanilla) is the best EVER combination. It's pretty much death in a cup for an asthmatic (me) but it's so worth it.

Today, my boyfriend performed at school in his band. Afterwards everyone came up to me telling me how good of a singer he is. I already know. And I felt bad because I didn't tell him he did a really good job. It probably won't come up in conversation...But Bren, you're an amazing singer. The guitar was funny from where I was sitting but your voice is still incredible.

This week is crazy packed full with exams and assignment. I did my drama performance today and felt so sick all the way. I was scared that I would stuff up and I hate people looking at me.
Tomorrow I have science and music exam, as well as an english oral. Nervous about all of those, but I already know I will fail with flying colours (get it?)

What is this, a camping ground for insects? GET OUT OF MY ROOM.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

120910 - are those jeans too tight or are you just happy to see me?

I've just noticed that ever since I set my relationship status as "in a relationship", Facebook has been using his name tonnes. He comes up in mutual friends A LOT and on that friend finder thing. Maybe Facebook thinks I'll use friend finder because my boyfriend has. Or maybe Facebook just expects me to stalk him and shoves a link to his profile everywhere.
Nice try, Facebook.

I hate trucks. Trucks are big. They go too fast and take over the road. Several times I have been in a car that has almost been hit by/run off the road by a truck.
My dad has these little cheap two way radios that he got a while ago for my brother. We used to be idiots and use them, but my dad is pretty smart. He puts one in the car on the truck station and whenever a truck gets too close to the car he tells them to back off.
They have pretty awkward conversations though. Especially when it's me and Dad in the car.
Trucker one: Do you know how to get cum stains out of blankets?
Trucker two: F**kin' hate that. No idea aye.

They seem to be gone now. Who knows where they are. Looks like I'm not sleeping tonight for fear of insects crawling into my ears and up my nose and stuff.
There was this lady who lived with this rattling in her ear for like 8 years and it turns out it was a spider living off her brains...Or the stuff inside of her ear anyway. How gross...

I ended up writing a lot more than I originally planned last night so this post shouldn't be too long I suppose. Today was Sunday so I did nothing. Not that I do much any other day. Apparently Dad is going to start turning off the internet motem at like eleven so I will go to sleep earlier. THIS IS NOT FAIR IN THE LEAST!
You are meant to stay up really late on Friday. That's why they invented Saturday.
Yesterday I got up at half past twelve. I love weekends.

Solitaire win percentage is 36%. Win twenty games. Win percentage still 36%. Lose one game. Win percentage 35%. WHAT?
Games played: 698
Games won: 256
Win percentage: 36% (I've won so many tonight and it will not give me 37%)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

110910 - i'm a riot? you're a fucking riot!

I am afraid I cannot write anything due to the fact that I am talking to the boy mentioned two-three blogs ago. However, I shall try.

My sister is insane. She loves pop music. I do not understand.
Anyway, we went for a drive today. Here, there and everywhere. I was giving directions and we ended up over yonder *points* at the back of nowhere in bush lands. A wallaby jumped out in front of the car (we were going slow enough not to hit it) but Amy (my sister) screamed. And then she locked the door.
Amy, wallabies can't get into the car...
I also had a bit of a drive on what we THOUGHT was a deserted road. Turns out there was a lady behind us. We don't know how long for. Let's just say that I don't think my sister will let me drive again for a while.

It's almost 11:11 and I don't know what to wish for. I will probably miss it anyway, like always. I look at the clock when it's 11:12 and go "DAMN."

I hate the stereotypical view on teenagers all parents seem to have. The whole "no one understands me", "whatever", "leave me alone". It's bullshit, considering half of the time we aren't even like that.
Okay, wrong, a lot of teenagers are like that. But I'm sick of my parents thinking I'm like that.
(See what I did there?)
My dad always complains how my siblings and I don't do any work around the house. When I say he complains, I mean he gets into screaming arguments with us over it. If he knew some of my friends, I don't think he would mind us being slightly lazy.
My brother, sister and I do not drink, get high or sneak out.
We aren't failing at school (apart from me, probably), we don't get in enormous amounts of trouble, or wag.
He's crazy, my dad, I swear.

Didn't miss 11:11! Woo!
Still have nothing to write about though. Should have wished for writing ability.

It's really dark at the moment in my room and I keep hitting the wrong key, so instead of pressing the delete button, I press the scroll button and it kills my page.

So far this blog has been a failure. Let's hope my incredible random question fixes that.
Random question: (stolen from Tinny)(only amazing Harry Potter fans will understand this)
What would your boggart turn into?
This is a super, super hard question. I think it would either turn into a giant spider with five hundred eyes, a dead relative(or someone close to me) or a version of me without a mouth. Either way, I would probably cry...A lot.
Another thing I'm really scared of is bridges. But not like....Going over bridges. Standing under bridges. When there are cars going over the top of them. It's horrible.
I would also probably be very scared of someone using Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder. Total darkness. How horrible?
I'm not afraid of the dark. I just...Don't like it very much. There are murderers in the dark.
When I was little, if I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet or get a drink, I would stand in my doorway for about five minutes, listening really hard for any movements in case there was someone in the house. Then afterwards I would run to my bed and hide under the covers.

I think this blog is long enough. I shall just finish this game of Solitaire....
Ah, there we go.
Games played: 643
Games won: 231
Win percentage: 35%
Stupid win percentage, I swear it hates me.


Friday, September 10, 2010

100910 - it's not ironic, it's obvious

I hate that chicks can't have beards. Well, I guess they can, but they look a little odd. If it wasn't so strange for girls to have beards, I would already have a full on Albus Dumbledore beard. I am hardcore.
In unrelated news, I think there is a bruise on my eyelid. It hurts every time I touch it.

I wore my formal uniform to school today for the second time this year. My mother has finally acquired me a formal skirt and now I may be forces to wear it three times a week. Don't give me that look, you have no idea how bad our formal uniform is.
For one- the shirt is white. It rained today. White shirts plus rain equals...Yeah, you get the picture.
Two- we have to wear these dorky black shoes. Not that I do, I wear the fake black converse I got a while ago. They're faded and look horrible but they're quite comfortable.
Three- if you have ever tried running in formal uniform you would know that it is pointless and stupid.

I "borrowed" my brothers iPod touch and since I know his iTunes password I downloaded a few apps. I'm not sure how to delete apps though, so he will probably chuck a tantrum when he gets home. It's worth it though, I have a fish tank (which is a total rip off of Fish World on Facebook but I like Fish World so it's okay) and I just sold four fish. There's one left and it's a goldfish.
When you tap the screen the fish run (swim) away from where you tap. Right now I am traumatizing my fish. Poor fish.

I'm really sick of the girls at my school who think it's necessary to wear five layers of foundation every day. For a starters, orange faces and white necks are not attractive in the least and secondly, who even has that much time of a morning? I hardly have enough time to straighten my hair (possibly due to the fact that I refuse to get out of bed any time before eight) let alone do make up. I don't see why people even bother with make up for school, it's just school.
I honestly think people look better without make up. Everyone.

Solitaire really hates me at the moment, I haven't won a game in about an hour and my win percentage has dropped.
Games played: 600
Games won: 216
Win percentage: 36%
Those statistics will probably change by the time I'm finished writing this blog.

Random question:
What was one lie you told someone?
I just lied then, I told someone that I wished for peanut butter at 11:11. I'm sorry, don't hate me -smiles-.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

080910 - the girl's a straight-up hustler

Today, walking to SOSE, a boy ran past me and the girl I was walking with. He made a 'whoosh' sound. It was (does Lauren Lopez accent) totally awesome. Then I decided that when I am rich, I will hire someone to do sound effects for me. Just making appropriate noises for my actions. Just for shits and giggles. I'll be the coolest kid in town.

A bruise has appeared on each elbow. There are two on my right. I don't know how they got there, but they're small circles in approximately the same place. This is starting to get weird, I do not appreciate bruises making themselves home on my body. The bruise on my knee is very slowly fading but it doesn't help when people poke it. There is another bruise on my right leg and that's all that I can see for now.

Today some idiot was singing Miley Cyrus in class. Guess what I got stuck in my head. Sigh. It was terrible, I had to walk home singing Miley Cyrus to myself. Don't give me that look - it's not my fault!

Random question (on behalf of Tina Tina pumpkin eater):
If you were going to propose to your boyfriend/girlfriend via a message in the sky but the day you were going to do it, it was overcast, what would you do?
I would probably call it off...But I don't know, I've never thought about it, what kind of a stupid question is that Tina? Depends how much it costed to organize it, and if they would charge me to postpone it. If so, I'd probably just go ahead with it anyway.

Some blogs you should probably check out are:
Tina Tina pumpkin eater - www.tinafacedmohawkman.blogspot.com
Kiwiface (Tinny) - www.starkidtinny.blogspot.com
The cool chick who follows me who has a really cool blog - www.thegrinch-thisislife.blogspot.com (I think)

So, recently I've been having trouble coming up with things to talk about in my blog. Or not so much what to write about, more importantly how to write it. In other words, writers block. I know it's not fair to blame people, but I really think this is a certain guy's fault. I really like him, it's crazy. I don't even know what to write about him. I think he is the only person I get nervous around.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

070910 - voice of god is government

iI don't like rain very much. I mean, it's lovely to stand in, and to watch, but it ruins my hair. Yeah, shut up, I'm a teenager okay? I love when it stops raining and there's water everywhere. Puddles. I love puddles. Not so much to jump in, although I love jumping in puddles anyway. I just think that puddles are pretty to look at and it looks amazing when you kick it and it ripples the reflection. Makes my sock wet though and that is a gross feeling.

I am a pretty gumby person. I have to look at my feet or else I constantly stumble, and even then. As well as being super unco, I'm pretty unlucky. I make my own luck. I can't remember what movie I got it out of, but the girl stopped on the footpath because she saw a quarter. She turned it over so the head was pointing up and said that it's lucky. Now I turn coins over and pick up heads-up coins. Whenever I have a ten or five cents in my pocket I put it heads-up on the ground or on railings and such, just so someone else can be lucky.

I've got this beautiful Kiwi friend who lives in Christchurch, meaning I've heard all about the earthquake. I've never been in an earthquake, or well, really any natural disaster. The worst I've seen is...Probably ice-cube sized hail or that dust storm earlier on in the year. It's lucky that everyone in the town survived and the worst there was was houses destroyed. I hope, for Tinny's (and everyone else over there) sake, that the aftershocks die down a little bit and people can start repair work.

Random question:
What is your first thought before you go to bed?
This is a stupid question, I laughed when I saw it. Technically your first thought before you go to bed would be your first thought after you wake up, right? I think it was meant to be your LAST thought before you go to bed.
Anyway, I'm not going to answer that question, I just thought it was a huge stuff up on the question-askers' behalf.
Real question:
What happens after you die?
Ooooh, here's another one of those really deep questions. We all have our own views on this stuff I guess but it's actually rather fun writing about it.
I think about this a lot and I don't think I've come to a conclusion just yet...But I'm getting close. I got this off of one of those cheesy Christian computer games when I was like...10. Apparently when you die there are two paths you can take. There's a short path that's really straightforward. Then there's a really long, winding path that takes a lot of effort to get to the end of...But it's more rewarding. It sounds crazy, yes. I can't even remember what's at the end of both paths but I think when you die you get the option of what you want: you can either go on to the "afterlife" (heaven or hell) or you can stay on earth as a ghost or spirit.
Then sometimes I think when you die, you're just a rotting corpse in the ground.
Sometimes I think that you only get to stay behind if you need to clear someones guilt. That was off some movie of some sort.
Then again when I look at it logically, who cares, I'm dead, it's not like I can do much about it. When I die, I'll write a blog and tell you what it's like. I'll probably get lonely six feet under (the stars). Did you see that? Did you see what I did there? Yeah, you probably didn't. Never mind.

I just put spellcheck on and it told me I spelt four words wrong: gumby, unco, Tinny's and ooooh. Silly spellcheck, learn my language!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

050910 - the science of selling yourself short

My mum doesn't want to play Scrabble with me. This does make me sad.

So last night after I updated I had a tiny bit of critisism and a very long talk about what I wrote on fate. I have changed my mind too, but more or less just changed my mind back to what I originally thought. We can change our minds as many times as we like, but in the end we were always going to make the decision we do. If we don't make that decision we were never going to in the first place. As I was explained to: "I can kick my foot...I was always going to kick my foot...I can't change that I've kicked my foot."
I may not believe in fate, but basically everything that is going to happen already knows it's going to happen.

Whenever I see a huge ant mound I jump on it. I like aggrivating ants. It's crazy watching them swarm the ground. I get scared that they're going to eat me and jump up and down like an idiot though. I think if I was an ant... I would get so annoyed at people and go to Antarctica. Are there people in Antarctica? I don't think there are even ants in Antarctica but if there isn't why is it called ANTarctica anyway?

Random question:
Have you ever been tied up? Do you want to be?
I'm sure at some point in time my darling sister would have tied me up. Of course when I get bored I like to tie my hands together. It's fun up until the point I want to take the tape off and it's either stuck and cutting the circulation off or it rips off the hairs on my hand. Yeah, there are hairs on your hands.
And I don't think it would be that great to be tied up to the point of not being able to move. What's the point in that? Unless you mean in a sexual way...In that case, pass.

Solitaire statistics to date:
Games played: 417
Games won: 144
Win percentage: 34%
I REALLY need to find a life.