Tuesday, December 28, 2010

291210 - long way to happy

I am getting quite confused as the seven-day weather forecast is changing every day. Yesterday there was a 90% chance it would be raining all week, and today when I woke up it was sunny. They are now saying it is fining up and the rain is starting to go away.
Baloney, I say. Just from looking out now, in the past hour it's become not as sunny, there are grey clouds covering the sky, and in my opinion there is every chance it is going to rain. I'm not sure what these weather forecast people are on about.
Not that I'm hoping it will rain. For the first time in a long time, the creeks in the valley are full. Too full. There is flooding across most of the region, although the flood waters have gone down since Monday.

So it looks like it will be a wet new year. But it's still a new year. A chance to change things. And considering this will most likely be my last blog for the year, I'm going to do what I did last year.
First summer camp. First boyfriend of the year. First break-up of the year. Started year nine. First fight with my best friend. Death of a boy I grew up with (R.I.P. 060210) due to flood waters. Couldn't attend the funeral. Stopped writing in diary. Stopped writing all together. Had late night heart-to-heart conversations with Mum. Started hanging around with the wrong people. Grades dropped dramatically. Parent-teacher interviews - encouraged to sit with different people in class. Sat with different people in class (N block bogans). Grades picked up slightly. Started writing, very occassionally. Entered short story into literacy comp. Cousin killed in car accident. Series of fights with Dad. Stayed up all night talking to the boy I liked. Started dating the boy I liked. Birthday. Grandfather passed away. Grandfather's funeral. Passed most subjects. Christmas.
The end.
It's a lot longer than the one from last year, though unfortunately I can't compare as I don't have my laptop.
Overall I had a great year and I hope that next year is good too.
The wind is starting to pick up so now I'm waiting for it to start raining. I can't wait to see what the weather forecasters have to say.

Friday, December 17, 2010

171210 - heaven can wait

*Ignores the obvious fact that I have not posted in over a month*

Hello. How was your day? That's interesting.
What I have really come to hate is that awkward moment when you think something, and literally two seconds later someone says exactly that. And then I get overly paranoid that they can hear what I'm thinking, and I start yelling in my head, "CAN YOU HEAR ME?"

I also really dislike someone has headphones on and I try to talk to them, and they cannot hear me. Then I say something to someone else, and they decide to join the conversation.
Not really, I do that to my parents all the time. It's the ultimate way of listening to what they say about you.

So, it's the middle of December more or less, and I am severely over the weather. It's crazy.
All through November, I could have sworn I lived in Melbourne rather than Queensland. I would wake up, and it would be freezing. I would go to school, it would be boiling hot, then rain heavily and still be boiling hot, then ten minutes later there wasn't a cloud in sight. What? It was crazy.

I also appear to have lost my glasses. I have looked everywhere and cannot find them. Well, obviously I haven't looked everywhere, because if I had, I would have found them by now. But I have looked in all the typical places, but I am betting they will be in a strange awkward spot such as underneath the bathroom sink or on top of the microwave.

Back to the whole mind-reading concept, I have been meaning to post a blog in a long time (yes, I do get a little bit side-tracked) and I often plot them in my head. I was walking with a friend one day and she said "I love seeing how the lawns change". Mind. Blown. I had been thinking that for the past week.
It's cool though, because one lawn will be totally overgrown, and then there is a line separating it from the most incredibly green, mown lawn.
I'm glad I'm not the only person who notices though.

Another thing that I have realised in my absence, is that when I am texting someone, I get very paranoid if they don't use smiley faces. I always think they are mad at me because they seem so serious. Constantly I wish my blog wasn't so formal so at the end of a sarcastic sentence I can put a laugh face. I don't know, maybe it's just me.

So, my laptop has eaten itself, therefore I can no longer have my solitaire statistics. However, I do play it rather regularly on my sister's laptop.
Solitaire Statistics:
Games played: 85
Games won: 51
Win percentage: 60%
Yes, pretty unimpressive. But at least it gives the illusion that I have a life. Ha.