Monday, November 8, 2010

081110 - i devise my own demise

I have been so slack with updating this, I know. I really wish I had a hundred and one excuses but like I've said before I don't have a life so it all comes down to the fact that I am really, really lazy.

I got chain mail today. I opened it because it was from one of my best friends, then realised it was forwarded. I could have kicked her. And another thing, it was one that I read back when I was in primary school. It's STILL going. I thought that chain mail died off a few years ago, but no, apparently not...

I just had dinner and my Mum had made steak and vegetables. My brother drowned his corn in gravy. The poor corn. I can understand him putting gravy on the potato and what not... But the corn never did anything bad to him. Except maybe get stuck in his teeth but that come after he attacks it with gravy. Karma?

I am currently trying to finish the draft of my music assignment. It's kind of cool listening to Indian music but my parents keep giving me strange looks. I don't know what they prefer, the screamo or the Indian.

So, I think I mentioned a while back about my recent obsession to Spider Solitaire.
Spider Solitaire statistics:
Games played: 94
Games won: 78
Win percentage: 82%
I think half of the reason why I like Spider Solitaire so much is because I have a better win percentage than Solitaire...

Random question(s):
Where were you three hours ago?
Sitting in music, next to the most amazing guy in the world, probably having a pen war and definitely not listening to the teacher.
Where were you five hours ago?
It was lunch time and I printed my art assignment, did my art assignment oral, hired two Harry Potter books from the library then went searching for my boyfriend.
Where were you seven hours ago?
Yeah I don't even want to count back that many hours.

I'm starting to get really annoyed at people who have every second status on Facebook as "I'm so bored" or "there's nothing to do". Really? We don't care. Complain to Myspace or something.

The order of my top five played songs on iTunes has changed yet again.
1. Remembering Sunday - All Time Low - 205 plays (I thought there were a lot more than that...)
2. If It Means A Lot To You - A Day To Remember - 81 plays
3. Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry - 80 plays
4. Self Conclusion - The Spill Canvas - 72 plays
5. Dear Maria, Count Me In - All Time Low - 66 plays
I love the drop from Remembering Sunday to If It Means A Lot To You. Mind you, I do listen to Remembering Sunday on repeat half of the time. Best. Song. Ever.