Saturday, August 28, 2010

280810 - fuck armogeddon... this is hell

Well hello there, peasant. This is my blog *points to blog*. I *points to self* am Jessica. It's nice to meet you. Apparently I point alot while I talk (no, not so much online, that was just for emphasis) and I also bounce when I walk. I wear $12 rip off converse that I got from Kmart and I tie my shoelaces back to front. I live off noodles and live in my laptop. Now you know me.
Jessica likes talking in third person at times. Sometimes she imagines she has a narrator inside of her head. Jessica does believe that she will talk in third person for the rest of this post.

So, basically, Jessica posts every few days... Depending on her mood (and internet) sometimes it takes as long as 11 days (resource:, sometimes if she thinks of something good to talk about, a day. Ah, screw this third person crap. It's stupid to type in unless writing a story.

I have a very short attention span and my mind tends to wander easily. I come up with these great things that I can talk about in my blog and then I forget. So I occasionally steal ideas from my friends (pfft...very occasionally).
Something Rachael said: "Why would you buy like, twenty light pink lipsticks?"
She has a point. Who's going to notice if you wear a light pink lipstick one day then a one-tone-lighter pink the next day? No one, that's who. Seriously people, It's a waste of money. But I spose, whatever floats your boat...

Anywho, this is a long enough update for now. Plus I have to stop writing because it's 11:56pm and if it goes past 12 then I'll have to change the title. Sigh. Life is so tough.

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