Saturday, August 28, 2010

290810 - for a pessamist, i'm pretty optimistic

Evening squire. I hate microwaves.
Or, more importantly, I hate the beeping noise on the microwave. I will stand in front of the microwave for however long I have the timer for and do a ninja jump to stop it exactly on one. Just to save myself from the unbearable beep. My mum gets really annoyed too, because whenever she goes to put something in the microwave the timer is on 1 second.
Another thing, I can't stand having the microwave set to an uneven number. Or rather, I can only have it on numbers ending in 5 or 0.
My microwave has a popcorn button.

Since I started using this website yesterday, I've been really obsessed with that "next blog" button. I love looking at the random blogs because some of them are really interesting, even if they are about Chinese ladies not going to church. Yes, I did follow that person. I follow a lot of people, actually, even if their whole blog is in Spanish.

Something that's been annoying me lately: opening plastic packets. Of anything. M&Ms, two minute noodles, that little vegetable sachet that comes with cup noodles (I don't actually eat the vegetables, I just pick out the carrot. It makes the noodles taste better).
Whenever I try to open M&Ms where it says "rip here", it won't rip.
Whenever I try to open two minute noodles, it tears all the way down the side and all the noodles fall out.
Whenever I try to open the vegetable sachet, it won't open and I throw it in the bin.
I can never just swallow my pride and use the scissors. There's something so degrading about that.

I very much dislike spell check. What the hell, it just told me that I spelt "was" wrong *turns off spellcheck*.

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