Tuesday, September 7, 2010

070910 - voice of god is government

iI don't like rain very much. I mean, it's lovely to stand in, and to watch, but it ruins my hair. Yeah, shut up, I'm a teenager okay? I love when it stops raining and there's water everywhere. Puddles. I love puddles. Not so much to jump in, although I love jumping in puddles anyway. I just think that puddles are pretty to look at and it looks amazing when you kick it and it ripples the reflection. Makes my sock wet though and that is a gross feeling.

I am a pretty gumby person. I have to look at my feet or else I constantly stumble, and even then. As well as being super unco, I'm pretty unlucky. I make my own luck. I can't remember what movie I got it out of, but the girl stopped on the footpath because she saw a quarter. She turned it over so the head was pointing up and said that it's lucky. Now I turn coins over and pick up heads-up coins. Whenever I have a ten or five cents in my pocket I put it heads-up on the ground or on railings and such, just so someone else can be lucky.

I've got this beautiful Kiwi friend who lives in Christchurch, meaning I've heard all about the earthquake. I've never been in an earthquake, or well, really any natural disaster. The worst I've seen is...Probably ice-cube sized hail or that dust storm earlier on in the year. It's lucky that everyone in the town survived and the worst there was was houses destroyed. I hope, for Tinny's (and everyone else over there) sake, that the aftershocks die down a little bit and people can start repair work.

Random question:
What is your first thought before you go to bed?
This is a stupid question, I laughed when I saw it. Technically your first thought before you go to bed would be your first thought after you wake up, right? I think it was meant to be your LAST thought before you go to bed.
Anyway, I'm not going to answer that question, I just thought it was a huge stuff up on the question-askers' behalf.
Real question:
What happens after you die?
Ooooh, here's another one of those really deep questions. We all have our own views on this stuff I guess but it's actually rather fun writing about it.
I think about this a lot and I don't think I've come to a conclusion just yet...But I'm getting close. I got this off of one of those cheesy Christian computer games when I was like...10. Apparently when you die there are two paths you can take. There's a short path that's really straightforward. Then there's a really long, winding path that takes a lot of effort to get to the end of...But it's more rewarding. It sounds crazy, yes. I can't even remember what's at the end of both paths but I think when you die you get the option of what you want: you can either go on to the "afterlife" (heaven or hell) or you can stay on earth as a ghost or spirit.
Then sometimes I think when you die, you're just a rotting corpse in the ground.
Sometimes I think that you only get to stay behind if you need to clear someones guilt. That was off some movie of some sort.
Then again when I look at it logically, who cares, I'm dead, it's not like I can do much about it. When I die, I'll write a blog and tell you what it's like. I'll probably get lonely six feet under (the stars). Did you see that? Did you see what I did there? Yeah, you probably didn't. Never mind.

I just put spellcheck on and it told me I spelt four words wrong: gumby, unco, Tinny's and ooooh. Silly spellcheck, learn my language!


  1. the movie with the lucky coin is Raise Your Voice.. and it's actually a luck PENNY not a quarter :P

  2. aha! i so knew that, it's the one with hillary duff ;) i never finished watching that movie you know.
    and shut up, it's been ages!