Sunday, September 5, 2010

050910 - the science of selling yourself short

My mum doesn't want to play Scrabble with me. This does make me sad.

So last night after I updated I had a tiny bit of critisism and a very long talk about what I wrote on fate. I have changed my mind too, but more or less just changed my mind back to what I originally thought. We can change our minds as many times as we like, but in the end we were always going to make the decision we do. If we don't make that decision we were never going to in the first place. As I was explained to: "I can kick my foot...I was always going to kick my foot...I can't change that I've kicked my foot."
I may not believe in fate, but basically everything that is going to happen already knows it's going to happen.

Whenever I see a huge ant mound I jump on it. I like aggrivating ants. It's crazy watching them swarm the ground. I get scared that they're going to eat me and jump up and down like an idiot though. I think if I was an ant... I would get so annoyed at people and go to Antarctica. Are there people in Antarctica? I don't think there are even ants in Antarctica but if there isn't why is it called ANTarctica anyway?

Random question:
Have you ever been tied up? Do you want to be?
I'm sure at some point in time my darling sister would have tied me up. Of course when I get bored I like to tie my hands together. It's fun up until the point I want to take the tape off and it's either stuck and cutting the circulation off or it rips off the hairs on my hand. Yeah, there are hairs on your hands.
And I don't think it would be that great to be tied up to the point of not being able to move. What's the point in that? Unless you mean in a sexual way...In that case, pass.

Solitaire statistics to date:
Games played: 417
Games won: 144
Win percentage: 34%
I REALLY need to find a life.


  1. Hi, tkanks, I love YOUR blogs. Yeah, I'm from Slovenia (it's next to Italy), but I don't write in Slovene because blogging isn't very popular here and that way nobody would read my blog.XD
    Thanks for the advice, I can't wait to go to Australia. I' ve never been further than Canada but I was like five so I don't even remember that. :D
    I'm realy clumsy, so I don't like to jump anywhere the least on an ant mound.
    Wrote the response here cause you probably won't go and look at the old blog.
    I love solitaire too, my statistics are:
    Games played: 314
    Games won: 150
    Win percentage: 47%
    I'm sorry, I guess my page is in Slovene, I hope you didn't have too much trouble.

  2. that's fair enough, i love reading your blogs they interest me :D i have never been to another country, it would be amazing to go anywhere other than oz!
    i actually did look at the old blog, but then i saw you had commented here too.
    YOU ARE SO GOOD AT SOLITAIRE! i'm really jealous!
    and that's okay that it's in slovene, when i think about it some of the words are quite logical and easy to work out. :)