Saturday, September 4, 2010

040910 - do you believe in what you talk about so much?

Whenever I look through my school books, I'll see all these little things and dates written down as notes to myself. And I honestly expect myself to remember them when half the time I can't remember my left hand to my right. I also write on my hands alot to help myself remember things. But I hardly even look at my hands. I really need a remembrall...But even then, I would know I'd forgotten something, but I wouldn't know what.
On Friday my water bottle leaked in my bag and wet all my books - my art book which was due in in the last period; my friend's SOSE book that I had borrowed to copy notes; my drama script {to be handed in next week}. Sad face.

I'm still sick and really tired at the moment dispite sleeping most of the day. I'm also really hyper and it's raining at the moment too. I hope the rain sticks around tomorrow...But if it rains at school my hair will go curly and everyone will laugh.

My brother is playing Pokemon on the Gameboy he stole from Dale. I love the theme music. My favourite Pokemon was always Pikachu. He's badss. I also liked Charizard. And Squirtle and Bulbasaur. All the basic Pokemon. The only ones I knew when I was like, six. I hated Team Rocket but I loved how the chick's name was Jessie because I thought she was named after me.
I was six, give me a break.
Nowadays Pokemon the tellie show sucks. It's still fun to play on DS or Gameboy though.

I have one of those new light bulbs in my room. Those power saver ones, yes? They're the only ones you can buy now...They suck, too. Sure, you're trying to save the world blah blah blah and that's great and all, but can we do it with good lighting? There's also an enery-saving light bulb in the kitchen. What's the point? The kitchen uses so much energy in the first place that a few less watts isn't really going to make that much of an impact. Not that I'm against trying to save the earth...I just know we're all going to die in the end anywho.

Random question:
Do you believe in fate?
As my amazingly gorgeous friend Tina once said "I don't like the idea of my future being laid out infront of me." But maybe I should have done a different question first.
Okay: do you believe in God?
To be honest, I have no idea. I am Agnostic. If there is really a God, why does he let children starve to death? Why does he cause earthquakes and tsunamis and hurricanes which kill people and destroy homes, not to mention lives? Why does he send people to Hell for being gay?
If you stop and think for one minute, you would realise that the person we call "God" and the person we praise and think is this wonderful, wonderful person/spirit/being/existance/ probably also "the devil" or "Satan".
I'm not saying that it's wrong to believe in God, because there will always be that slim chance that he's real.
Back to the first question:
If God is real, I don't think he plans everyone's lives out: "fate". I think he sort of...Makes it up as he goes along. And I think if he is real, he has power over certain things, but in the end WE make the final decision. And every decision impacts something which could change everything, meaning our "fate" would change all the time.
So in answer to the question... I guess I don't believe in fate. I don't believe in alot of things, actually.
Like that thing about how you supposedly have an "other half". If you find your other half, or you think you have, or you think you've fallen in love with someone, and that someone dies...Then you find another person that you think you've fallen in love with, who was your other half? The first person or the second person?
What if your other half dies before you ever meet him/her? Will you just be alone forever? This is probably a really boring update and it sort of turned into a rant about religion and love and stuff.

A duck walked up to a lemonade stand....

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