Thursday, September 2, 2010

020910 - opinions won't keep you warm at night

More people are killed in Africa by hippopotamus's than by crocodiles.

When I was in primary school, I went to Girl Guides. My sister and I used to walk there after school. She always had her friend with her, and it was 'embarrassing' to be seen with me, so she made me walk in front ten metres in front of her or ten metres behind.

Because I am having a lot of trouble thinking tonight and there is a lot of pressure to update, I am going to do one of those annoying fill-in-the-blank things.
Tonight I am super tired thanks to someone giving me Bieber Disease.
Today was a Thursday kind of day.
Our weather was pretty average for Queensland this morning (it sucked).
My favorite time of day is sleep time!
The last thing I do before I go to bed at night is ... err, close my eyes?
I wish that I could go to Hogwarts.
The first thing I do in the morning is try to go back to sleep.
I should have gone to sleep earlier yesterday.

My dad is obsessed with playing poker on my laptop again now which means I will have to find some other form of entertainment. Usually I just sit around in the lounge room and look bored and he'll quit the game but tonight it took over an hour. Maybe he was just doing it to annoy me...Yeah, that's likely.

Random question:
When you were in school, did you speak up in class?
Did you sit in front or the back?

1- I'm still in school, and I always 'speak up' in class, if by 'speaking up' means calling out and being an annoying little twit.
2- It feels really bratty sitting at the front and teachers are tarts so usually I sit in the middle or towards the back.  If I'm feeling particularly mischievous I'll maybe even write notes and distract the class by talking (gasp, what a bad student I am).

You have just read the lamest post in all history. I am tired and sick and Strepsils taste funny so I am just going to live on with a sore throat. How ever will I survive? SOLITAIRE! The answer to everything. I think I am in love with solitaire.

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