Wednesday, September 1, 2010

010910 - colder than my heart, if you can imagine

I am so blank right now. Whatever I write will be off the top of my head and probably won't make much sence.

When I was in grade six or seven, my dad stayed in a caravan park to save driving back and forth to Brisbane every day. Dad's caravan was across from the toilets (which you needed a key to open the door to).
We met this family who lived in a caravan a few spaces up from us. There was the two parents and five kids. In one caravan.
The two eldest girls were around my age and I got to be friends with them. Whenever I stayed up at the van park I would go swimming with them or we'd just walk around. Some nights I would play hide and seek with them, my siblings, and some other kids at the park. One night while we were playing hide and seek, I paired up with the second eldest- Gabby I think her name was.
We were walking around and suddenly, she got down on all fours and started miaowing.
She confessed to me that she's really a cat.

Random question:
If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?
In all honesty...An invisibility cloak. Or a Firebolt. And if I had both, I would be the coolest person in the world.

Current solitaire statistics:
Games played: 256
Games won: 82
Win percentage: 32%

Today is the first day of spring. It sucks. It's already super duper hot and I really hate Queensland weather. I am moving to England.
I actually have a twin in England. She has exactly (apart from middle name) the same name as me. And she catches a taxi to school.

Tomorrow is Thursday. Finally. I've waited all week for it to be Thursday. What is Thursday, you say? Only the best day of the week. THREE periods of drama and a double art. No math, no science. If only every day were Thursday.

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