Friday, September 10, 2010

100910 - it's not ironic, it's obvious

I hate that chicks can't have beards. Well, I guess they can, but they look a little odd. If it wasn't so strange for girls to have beards, I would already have a full on Albus Dumbledore beard. I am hardcore.
In unrelated news, I think there is a bruise on my eyelid. It hurts every time I touch it.

I wore my formal uniform to school today for the second time this year. My mother has finally acquired me a formal skirt and now I may be forces to wear it three times a week. Don't give me that look, you have no idea how bad our formal uniform is.
For one- the shirt is white. It rained today. White shirts plus rain equals...Yeah, you get the picture.
Two- we have to wear these dorky black shoes. Not that I do, I wear the fake black converse I got a while ago. They're faded and look horrible but they're quite comfortable.
Three- if you have ever tried running in formal uniform you would know that it is pointless and stupid.

I "borrowed" my brothers iPod touch and since I know his iTunes password I downloaded a few apps. I'm not sure how to delete apps though, so he will probably chuck a tantrum when he gets home. It's worth it though, I have a fish tank (which is a total rip off of Fish World on Facebook but I like Fish World so it's okay) and I just sold four fish. There's one left and it's a goldfish.
When you tap the screen the fish run (swim) away from where you tap. Right now I am traumatizing my fish. Poor fish.

I'm really sick of the girls at my school who think it's necessary to wear five layers of foundation every day. For a starters, orange faces and white necks are not attractive in the least and secondly, who even has that much time of a morning? I hardly have enough time to straighten my hair (possibly due to the fact that I refuse to get out of bed any time before eight) let alone do make up. I don't see why people even bother with make up for school, it's just school.
I honestly think people look better without make up. Everyone.

Solitaire really hates me at the moment, I haven't won a game in about an hour and my win percentage has dropped.
Games played: 600
Games won: 216
Win percentage: 36%
Those statistics will probably change by the time I'm finished writing this blog.

Random question:
What was one lie you told someone?
I just lied then, I told someone that I wished for peanut butter at 11:11. I'm sorry, don't hate me -smiles-.


  1. Oh, yeah we have one of those in our school too. I'm not sure how it's possible to not notice that your face is orange and how to not see that as a problem. :D

  2. haha! we have heaps of them, it's crazy!
    i tell them they resemble oompa loompas but they don't seem to find that insulting. D:

  3. How interesting. Ours doesn't seem to figure out she looks like an orange on legs either.