Friday, September 24, 2010

250910 - misery loves its company

I have no idea what is wrong with me. Since the holidays have started, I haven't been able to sleep in longer than about 9AM. Even if I do stay up until 2 or 3.
And even worse, I was having THE best dream, EVER, and I woke up. I met All Time Low. And it was freaking awesome. Rian had hair though. That was strange. And my boyfriend was there too. How I wish I finished that dream...
Whenever I wake up before I want to, I don't open my eyes, I just lie there and try to fall asleep again. I think that if I don't open my eyes, I will trick my body into believing that I'm still asleep.

Something died in my sisters car. Not even joking, it STINKS. I had to run upstairs and get my (brother's) deodorant. And even then, it made the car smell worse. When we went down town, we had to wind the windows up, and it was so bad we could hardly even get back into the car afterwards.
I permanently borrowed my brothers deodorant. It's man deodorant and I really like it. I'm such a man on the inside. If I was born a guy it would be so much easier for me. Just joking...I really shouldn't write this stuff where my boyfriend can see it...I probably shouldn't talk about how sexy Alex Gaskarth is either.
I mean...What?

That reminds me... Apart from this blog, I haven't written anything in over a month. This must be his fault because I think about him too much.
DAMN IT, I missed 11:11.

I don't feel much like blogging at the moment. I'm too tired. Why must I constantly be tired?
Later I am making cookies with Marishka. And I think mother is going to buy M&Ms for our cookies. Let's just hope Marishka doesn't decide she wants to eat all the cookie dough.
The other day I went for a walk with her and we saw this huge, not even kidding, HUGE ant nest with like, five thousand entrances. I started jumping on it and they didn't come out to attack me, so I picked up a stick and started shoving it into the ant holes. Then, get this, they started crawling all over me, I nearly cried. I don't think I will stir up an ant nest for a while.

Solitaire statistics:
Games played: 1111
Games won: 481
Win percentage: 43% (getting good)

Random question:
What was the last CD you bought?
Trigger Theory. I got it at their gig, which was the first I've ever been to. It was awesome. I went with my friend (who is now not my friend) and her boyfriend (who is now my boyfriend...awkward) and I stayed at my friends place that night. We got home somewhere between 11 and midnight and then decided we should watch movies. About halfway through Up we fell asleep. Some idiot woke me up super early the next morning so we could finish watching Up. I was so dead.
I want to watch Up now. And I want a Kevin.

I am too lazy to spellcheck this so if there are mistakes I'm deathly sorry. Not really, I couldn't care less at the moment. I'll read over it tomorrow. Now I am going to play Sims.


  1. i know what you mean about waking up early in holidays *sigh* my holiday just started and i wake up 7am everyday (ANNNNNNNOYING!)
    thanks to your blog i started playing spider solitare again :P
    from the-weirdo-that-commented-on-your-blog

  2. boo, you whore.
    jokes, i love you
    MY HOLIDAYS JUST STARTED TODAY.. and my dad got out of hosp, -_-
    hun, you're not on msn, and creepy mark guy keeps asking me if we're still going out, which we weren't even in the beginning.
    so, i'm not on.. but, you know..
    i don't know why i listened to you.
    WOAH! we had a major aftershock, hahah, *checks geonet* dammit they haven't posted it yet.
    i love you xo

  3. Slinkiecici - i hate it! the only time i can sleep in is when school is on, which probably isnt a good time to sleep in.
    and solitaire is awesome, you're very welcome :P
    thanks for being a weirdo who commented my blog :D

    tinny - your a whore ;)
    is your dad okay? give him a huuuuuge hug <3
    i wasn't on msn because i was with a friend - OH MY GOSH, i have friends :O
    hahaha, the mark dude must love you :)
    and i didnt even know you were still getting aftershocks :/ thats crazy D:
    i love you too x