Thursday, September 23, 2010

230910 - i want to conquer the world

I just had a dream that my alarm went off and it woke me up. Why must my dreams be so strange?
I also dreamed about people getting on a bus... And not handing in a science assignment, then my science teacher going off at me. Then in art we had to write a 'short story' and I wrote a hundred pages.
I am dreaming about school. This is bad.

So, I have only just woken up about ten minutes ago, it is 9:35AM, I got about nine hours sleep, I am dead tired, I am home alone and I have just won my first game of solitaire for the day.
I am in a strange mood. I want to clean the whole house, so that when Mum and Dad get home they aren't angry that I did nothing. I think I will start by vacuuming.
Vacuum is such a funny word. Shouldn't it be spelt ' vaccume'? I don't know. That looks funny too. It's a stupid word. Why didn't they think of a normal name for it. Like 'floor cleaner'.

Something Tina pointed out that annoys me is when girls where pants that are so short that the pockets are showing under them. It looks stupid. But then again, if I was skinny enough to wear them I probably wouldn't complain.
Tina's Mum thinks that if its wider than it is long, it's a belt. I love that.

I love the vegetable sachet that comes with Black and Gold cup noodles. I usually pick out the peas, but the carrot is so good. It makes the noodles taste five hundred times better. I wish there were more bits of carrot in the sachet.
I love how underneath where it says 'Beef Flavoured Noodles', it says with two ticks, 'Quality Assured' and 'Includes Fork'.
Is that what people think when they buy noodles? 'Oh, I don't want to buy those, they don't come with a fork', 'hey look! These noodles come with a fork! I am going to buy them now!'

I just looked up and there is this MONSTROUS spider on my ceiling. Now I'm terrified and can't stop looking at it. It's moving. WHY MUST IT BE IN MY ROOM? Now I won't be able to sleep tonight.
It won't stop moving. What if I look away for a minute and then can't find it again? I'm so scared. It's huge and black. Maybe a Redback but it's too far away to see. Oh no, I think it wants to come down the wall. STAY AWAY FROM ME SPIDER.
Wait, he's going away from the wall. He's walking really slowly, maybe he thinks that I won't notice. Nice try, big, angry-looking spider. I WILL get my mother to spray you with bug spray when she gets home.
OH NO. IT'S ON THE WALL. Please stop moving spider, please, please, please.
I think I am going to cry.
Jess thinks that I should name it Barry the Black Spider. I don't want to name the thing. It might think it's wanted. In that case, it might make a permanent home. Oh gosh, I'm scared just thinking about it.
Now she's trying to convince me that it doesn't want to eat me. Yeah, and Kennedy's are gun shy.
Sam suggested that I use the vacuum cleaner. Not a bad suggestion, but maybe the spider will realise what I am doing and run into the corner or something. Or maybe he will eat the vacuum whole.
When I was little, I was afraid to kill spiders, in case all their relatives came to get revenge. Actually I still think that will happen.
Okay, so, my sister came into my room and I started to complain to her about the giant thing on my roof. She came back a minute later with Mortein and stank out my room, but hey, the spider is dead. I am safe once again.

Random question:
Who's your favourite author?
The OBVIOUS answer to this would be J. K. Rowling. But I'm not obvious therefore J. K. Rowling is not my favourite author. Bet I tricked you.
I love Judy Blume - she's more of a little kiddy author and I read all her book in grade seven, but I still love her books. I also like John Marsden (oh yeah, I started reading the Tomorrow series again yesterday) and Daniel Waters (Generation Dead).
But my all-time favourite author is, of course - Stephanie Meyers.
That was meant to be a joke but it wasn't very funny, was it? Sorry, I will never mention her again.

When I mentioned J. K. Rowling before, I remembered that this morning I went in to town with my sister and we went to the toy store. She found a pair of Harry Potter glasses and told me she would buy them for me for my birthday. Score!


  1. I was gone for a cuple of days and I missed 5 of your posts!

    Got a lot of catching up to do....

  2. i was wondering why i was getting no comments! so depressing :P
    but then again, i always forget to check your page and have to read 1000 updates! :O

  3. Oh, so sorry. I promisse I'll make it up to you. I just responded to all of your comments on my page I didn't see until now. :D