Wednesday, September 22, 2010

220910 - fashion conscious suicide

It's 10:40 PM, I'm listening to Remembering Sunday on repeat and it is now officially the highest played song on my iTunes (only 141 plays, not that impressive [I've only been using this user for a little while, otherwise the number of plays would be like a thousand plus]). Today was one of those days where you do nothing but feel exhausted really early in the night. Actually that's my life story. Nevertheless, at least I can blame tiredness for the extreme crappiness of this update.

My mum has these lollies. I'm not sure what they're called, she put them in a plastic container. But they are little tiny coloured cubes. And they smell like musks. And they taste like crap.
I just ate a purple one and it got stuck in my teeth.
I remember last year my sister bought home some awful cube lollies, but those cubes had sharp edges and these cubes have curved edges. I dont think they are actually cubes. More like...Cylinders.
I ended up throwing the cubes around my room whenever I got bored. They really hurt when I stood on them.

I realised before that my family doesn't have Christmas dinner on Christmas night. We have it on Christmas eve, because when I was younger and did Sunday school, we would have the play thing on Christmas night and it was too late for Mum to cook a roast. So we have this huge big dinner on Christmas eve and have chicken nuggets and chips on Christmas night. How classy.

Think about this:
Rachael/Reicheru <3 says (11:00 PM):
*i do not understand
*those sensored soap things
*cause you wash your hands after getting the soap
*so what does it matter if the bottle has germs

I get so upset when I lose a game of solitaire. I'm trying really hard to get my win percentage up. I'm going pretty well:
Games played: 988
Games won: 408
Win percentage: 41%
Is it slightly strange that I cannot wait to get to four digets or is that just really pathetic?

^ Those statistics were from last night. I admit, I did kind of write most of this blog last night and now I'm just editting it and such. My statistics now are:
Games played: 1032 (OH MY GOODNESS, LOOK, FOUR DIGETS!)
Games won: 431
Win percentage: 41%

I promise I will go outside this week, okay, so you stop worrying about me. Besides, I'm going to the beach on Saturday. That means a tan! Yay!
I have a really funny tan, like the top side of my arm is brown and the bottom side is white. Like, really, really white.
And my friends Matt and Cameron always make jokes that I have a green tan and that I'm scared of the sun (because I sit in the shade at lunch times). I always argued that I am not green, but I was sitting in math a week or two ago and I looked at my arms and thought 'oh my gosh, I'm green.'

Random question:
Have you ever had an 'online relationship'?
Yes and no. Like, it wasn't as if I had never met the guy. I'll just tell you the full story.
I went on this sort of like, summer camp, before I went into grade nine. Tina went on the camp too. As did another girl in my grade who I'm friends with, Fiona.
There was this guy there, I won't say his name. We got on pretty well and I maybe, sorta, kinda liked him. Then everyone started saying he liked me back (don't know how, 80% of that camp my hair was natural, oh the shame). Apparently he was going to ask me out on camp but that never happened. Anyway, the day that we were leaving, everyone was exchanging Facebooks and stuff. I got the guy's number/Facebook/MSN.
We talked a lot on MSN and he asked me out. I don't even know why I said yes, considering he lived so far away and it's not like we would see eachother anyway. We lasted less than a week, no surprises there.
I haven't seen him since the camp, but a certain someone decides to remind me every so often.
See, whenever we were going somewhere on the camp, eg. the beach (every morning), we would listen to "Veggie Tales" on the bus. They were singing vegetables and I thought they were the best freaking thing since sliced bread. Everyone would be all like "oh my God, turn it off, seriously" but I would sing along, really loudly.
And then there was this one song that went like, "Dinah won't you blow, Dinah won't you blow, Dinah won't you blow your horn..."
The girls Tina and I shared a cabin with decided to remake that song with "Jessica wants to blow (insert name of guy mentioned above)'s horn."
Kind of surprised me, a) because it was a Christian camp and b) because they were like, twelve.
Anyway, every time I annoy Fiona she starts singing that song and I die a little bit inside.

What a bloody long, boring blog. Enjoy!


  1. That's so sad. I hate it when someone makes fun of me.

    I'm realy happy now, though. I just finished reading all of your blogs for the time I was missing. Ha!
    When is Cristmas night? We have a HUGE family dinner on what I think is Cristmas eve. But I allways thought there was just the eve and the morning. How can you eat dinner at night?

  2. christmas night - 25th december
    christmas eve - 24th december
    over here dinner is our evening meal.
    i'm not sure if thats what you meant by when christmas night is though :S