Monday, September 27, 2010

270910 - guys like you make us look bad

This is going to be a very rushed blog as I should be in bed and I think Dad will wake up and find me.
Firstly - 11:11, make a wish.
Secondly - wait, I just got an email from Facebook so I have to check that.
Okay, secondly - yesterday I was too lazy to make a blog because I was so tired. Cough.

Perfect beach weather. Went to beach. Not allowed to swim. Trip to coast = useless. Oh, apart from bringing home smelly brother.
Drove from coast to Brisbane. Brother gloated about his week at the coast. I drank half-frozen juice.
Arrived at the farm. Got scared of my relatives and stayed twelve centimetres away from mother at all times. Awkward conversation with aunt about travelling.
Food. Everyone goes outside for food. Sit next to mother. Pretend to be interested in conversation about gluten-free food while drinking hot lemonade.

Pretty sure it was just the wind.

Okay. After hot lemonade = escape family to amazing climbing tree previously mentioned.
Half of climbing tree cut down. Moment of sorrow. Climb tree. Laugh at brother not able to climb tree. Brother leave. Chase after brother because the tree is scary when alone.
Ride golf buggy.
Yeah, you heard me. A golf buggy. And I didn't even have to play golf. Let's just say, that was the most awesome thing I've done all holidays. And there was an eight year old giving me directions and a two year old between us holding on for dear life.
I don't even know where they got a golf buggy.

On the way home I decided that my parents like traumatizing the GPS. "Turn right," says the GPS. So Dad turns left. "Turn back where possible," says the GPS.
Dad laughs.
Dad says, "SHUT UP."
The GPS changes route.
"Turn right," says the GPS.
"No, I don't want to go that way," says Dad.
"Oh my God Dad, just turn it off," I say.
"No, it's fun to listen to," he says.
Face. Palm.

Last night I started planning with my boyfriend to see a movie sometime this week. Yeah, sure, that's great, until your sister tells you she's been secretly planning to take you on holidays. Who does that? And how did she expect me to pack my bag and get in the car without being a tad bit suspicious?
Needless to say, I'm not going to the movies with my boyfriend this week. However, Relay for Life is on on like... Friday I think. That's still like.... Five days. I miss my boyfriend. And yes. Yes, I do realise how lame I sound. I may as well go to Twitter to complain about this.

I am hoping to get a haircut while I am on holidays (going to Brisbane to stay with my aunt). I don't want my hair to be short again but It will probably have to be to get rid of all my split ends. Stupid straightener. Why can't you and my hair just get along?

Dad just woke up. I'm screwed. Be back Thursday.

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  1. LOL your holiday sounds... interesting.

    Golf carts are AWEsome :P