Tuesday, September 28, 2010

280910 - the alamo is no place for dancing

Okay, prepare for maybe the shortest ever blog (unless I lose track of how long it is and keep typing). For a start, I'm at my aunt's place and my sister is next to me and possibly reading this as I write it.

It's raining at the moment so my hair has chucked a tantrum. Apparently there's a storm coming at ten past three and it's exactly that now, so I shall brace myself.
Last night I did say I wouldn't be back until Thursday but now I have a laptop and nothing to do with it.
I just caught my sister reading this, so I changed tabs.

On the drive to Brisbo I found out that abusing the GPS runs in my family. My sister got very annoyed and yelled at it when it told us to take the second exit at the round-about. We were on the motorway.
I tried to get the GPS to navigate us to Tinny's place but apparently it doesn't have a path to take us to New Zealand.

I might be staying here until Friday, too, and I think I only packed three pair of jeans. I forgot to pack my green toothbrush but luckily I have a red one in my handbag. Yeah, I don't know why it's there either.
On another note, why the hell does it wait until holidays to rain? I suppose it's better than it raining at school, what with my spastic hair. I didn't even have enough time to straighten it this morning so I just did my fringe and then the wind killed it even more on the drive.

I was just playing a game and I was so close to winning.
Not really, but yeah.
I took a photo. Just for you.

I only found out about embedding links the other day. I thought it was the coolest thing ever so I will probably have a lot in my blogs from now on.
Like now.
I would pretty please like everyone to read my story. It's only a start but I will try to get the next chapter up before the end of the holidays.
This is my booksie page and this is my story.
Read my story read my story read my story read my story. Please.
Rachael says it's the best I've written. Tell me what you think pretty please. I may just love you forever.
Oh, unless you're Bren. Then you aren't allowed to read it. Ever.


  1. I read your story and it was amazing! It made me want to read the next chapter.

    I've read, like, two other stories you wrote that Tina showed me and they were really good as well. You're an amazing writer. You could be a famous author, I reckon.

  2. stupid gps can't navigate you to my house.
    how rude!
    i'll see if i can navigate my way to youuuu.

  3. We have a gps too. She told us to left in the middle of the field. And we got trouble from police because she led us into a one way aley. Fortunatly the police saw we were just stupid turists. :D

    I LOVE your story. I hope you'll finish it. I started like 5 different book, but never finished one.

  4. bethany - thank you thank you thank you :D
    truth tina to be a loser and show people my writing -.- don't tell her i said that! hahaha jokes :P

    tinnayyyy - i know! i was very upset. and you do that, i dare you :)

    grinch - gps's are fun except there is no narnia or hogwarts in australia :/ where were you when you were a tourist? :O
    and thank you very much :D you should really keep writing, though i'm not one to talk considering i NEVER finish stories. i get halfway through and go "oh, this is really lame, i shall start a new one." :P

  5. Oh, we were in Italy. The cities there are full of small aleys. I shall consider your advice.:D