Wednesday, September 29, 2010

290910 - if it means a lot to you

I am so tired right now. I went out today - SHOPPING. God, I hate shopping. It wasn't too bad though, I suppose. I got some new clothes and sushi. Not the greatest sushi, and even worse because I always use too much soy sauce and run out before I'm finished eating. It never tastes as good without soy sauce. I think that after noodles, sushi is my favourite food.

Today my sister made me buy a dress. Yes, a dress. Apparently I am supposed to be her sister but up until today I wasn't.
I hate dresses, skirts, pants. Jeans and a T-shirt is good enough for me.

Oh, and I forgot to pack peejays for Brisbo therefore I am sleeping in jeans until we go home. Some idiot decided to give me the room with the exercise ball, you know those huge blow-up ones? Yeah, well, last night I spent 65% of the time I was meant to be sleeping, sleeping, and the other 35% was dedicated to playing on the gym ball and making pillow fortresses. This is what happens when I am told to go to bed at 9PM. Yeah, 9PM. As if.
At about ten, I had a sneezing attack. Pretty sure I woke everyone in the house up.
My pillow house was pretty cool, and I don't think I've ever had that many pillows in my life. But once I had built it, I couldn't get into it without the light, so I left the lamp on. Supposedly my uncle started yelling through the door for me to go to bed around midnight. Oops.

The scroll button on this laptop is totally retarded and goes really slowly then won't let me go faster. It's horrible, I miss my shitty laptop already. Not sure if I'm going home tomorrow or Friday, hope tomorrow because I have a billion ideas for my story but I didn't put it on my USB before I left. Idiot.
What the hell is up spell check's bum? It's telling me I spelt story wrong. *Turns off spell check.

It hasn't been very good beach weather but I think I'll ask sister if we can go for a walk down to the beach tomorrow even if it's raining. She probably will want to go home early, but I am trying to persuade her to buy me a haircut. I spent all my money today (thirty dollars that rents gave me, aunt paid for everything else).

I just saw this status on my Facebook homepage:
"The people who don't treat you well are like us, and we're plates... When we're all used and dirty, we're thrown away! ... DISPOSABLE TEENAGERS."
Obviously I grammatically fixed it, but I thought that was pretty cool. I did have more to write about it but now I couldn't be arsed.

I didn't do a random question yesterday, so I suppose I will do two now.
Random question number one:
Would you rather go to Hogwarts or meet All Time Low?
This is a very difficult question. I mean, I would LOVE to meet All Time Low, but Hogwarts, oh my gosh. I think I would go to Hogwarts and then once I had left and was a fully trained wizard, I would summon Alex Gaskarth. Then I would keep him as a pet and force him to sing to me.
... Well that was awkward.
No, I wouldn't keep him as a pet, but you know... Close to that. I'm such a stalkerish person. Well, not really... But I make out to be in these blogs. I bet half of the people who read these are either worried about me or scared of me. In real life I'm pretty cool though. *Cough.

Random question number two:
You can choose one super power. What would you choose?
I've always hated this question, I don't even know why I chose it.
Can I have two super powers? Pretty please? Thanks.
Super power #1 - ability to fly. If only I was Voldemort.
Super power #2 - ability to be invisible. Oh, the things I could do.
At first I thought that being able to read someone's mind would be really cool, but now that I think about it... It would be so scary. If someone was inside of my head they would probably flip out and never talk to me again. Whenever I'm thinking say, something mean about someone, I suddenly freak out in case they can read my mind and say nice things about them in my head. Yeah, I'm that weird.

HEY, that reminds me! Today in Big W, I was in the book part of the store. I saw an Eclipse book and "accidentally" dropped it. Then, on my quest to find a Harry Potter book, I stumbled upon a whole section full of the vile series. Being the dedicated Twilight hater that I am, I took some time out of my day to put other (obviously better) books in front of them all. I hope that some disappointed Twitlight fan goes home tonight, upset because he/she couldn't find any of the books at Big W.
Yeah, I'm pretty heartless.
A few months ago, in the city with my best friend, we stopped at a bookstore. When the book store staff wasn't watching, I picked up a pile of Twilight books and hid them across the store. I am just that awesome.

Pretty sure this blog is long enough now, and I may even lose some followers due to my Twilight hating.
I have to get ready to go out now. Yeah, going out twice in one day, it's amazing!

By the way, I signed into Blogger this afternoon and saw three comments on my last blog. Totally made my day. It even topped the dog drooling on me and making me smell of dog slobber. You know how much I love that.
Thanks for the comments! As soon as I'm home I promise I will go on a rampage and comment all the new blogs I haven't checked. That's always fun!

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