Friday, December 17, 2010

171210 - heaven can wait

*Ignores the obvious fact that I have not posted in over a month*

Hello. How was your day? That's interesting.
What I have really come to hate is that awkward moment when you think something, and literally two seconds later someone says exactly that. And then I get overly paranoid that they can hear what I'm thinking, and I start yelling in my head, "CAN YOU HEAR ME?"

I also really dislike someone has headphones on and I try to talk to them, and they cannot hear me. Then I say something to someone else, and they decide to join the conversation.
Not really, I do that to my parents all the time. It's the ultimate way of listening to what they say about you.

So, it's the middle of December more or less, and I am severely over the weather. It's crazy.
All through November, I could have sworn I lived in Melbourne rather than Queensland. I would wake up, and it would be freezing. I would go to school, it would be boiling hot, then rain heavily and still be boiling hot, then ten minutes later there wasn't a cloud in sight. What? It was crazy.

I also appear to have lost my glasses. I have looked everywhere and cannot find them. Well, obviously I haven't looked everywhere, because if I had, I would have found them by now. But I have looked in all the typical places, but I am betting they will be in a strange awkward spot such as underneath the bathroom sink or on top of the microwave.

Back to the whole mind-reading concept, I have been meaning to post a blog in a long time (yes, I do get a little bit side-tracked) and I often plot them in my head. I was walking with a friend one day and she said "I love seeing how the lawns change". Mind. Blown. I had been thinking that for the past week.
It's cool though, because one lawn will be totally overgrown, and then there is a line separating it from the most incredibly green, mown lawn.
I'm glad I'm not the only person who notices though.

Another thing that I have realised in my absence, is that when I am texting someone, I get very paranoid if they don't use smiley faces. I always think they are mad at me because they seem so serious. Constantly I wish my blog wasn't so formal so at the end of a sarcastic sentence I can put a laugh face. I don't know, maybe it's just me.

So, my laptop has eaten itself, therefore I can no longer have my solitaire statistics. However, I do play it rather regularly on my sister's laptop.
Solitaire Statistics:
Games played: 85
Games won: 51
Win percentage: 60%
Yes, pretty unimpressive. But at least it gives the illusion that I have a life. Ha.


  1. and I thought you were gone and I can no longer see your blog and think: >>How come I didn't think of writting this?!?<< XD

  2. hey!! You haven't posted again so I have to write this here:
    I just noticed your comment on one of my posts, I've been kinda slopy with the blog thing.
    I do not have a boyfriend, sadly of course. I wish it's only a temporary thing. I had the thing with some guy from my english class, but that didn't work out.... :((

    Yeah, it was nice talking to you...I wasn't sure wether I was bothering you or not. I'll click you again the next time I see you. :D

    great blog, by the way