Monday, December 5, 2011

6/december - between you and i (30 days of thankful - day 08)

Something that really, really annoys me? People who constantly whine about Christmas. Can someone please tell me what is so bad about Christmas? You get given presents! I don't care how much you hate Christmas, you are not going to ruin it for me. The best part about Christmas is that I'll see my big sister who I miss, and Mum always makes the best Christmas dinner.

My Mum's birthday is on the 31st of December. Unlucky, right? All of her children are out partying (without her) on her birthday. But one thing she says that is good, is that she gets fireworks on her birthday and "how many other people get that?"

Thirty Days of Thankful Day 08 - I am thankful for my fish

I'm allergic to cats. And dogs. Yeah, I know, how sad is my life. Cats make me cry and dogs make me itchy. But I happen to love fish an extremely huge amount. Enough to make up for never being able to own another cat in my life. Dogs aren't so bad, because generally they aren't as needy as cats. They don't want cuddles all the time. I really, really love fish - as you could probably tell, seeing how excited I was last night about the newest addition to my tank - Casper the friendly ghost fish. I also have two fighters, Quibble and Tibbler, and sea monkeys. I know, sea monkeys don't really count as fish, but they live in water and I have to feed them, so it counts. My room went from just being me, to 3 fish and 3820367679 sea monkeys in a fairly short amount of time. And they were all gifts. I know I'm not meant to choose favourites, but Quibble always swims up to the edge of the tank when I come near. And he's very selfish, he eats a lot of food. He's not shy, like Tibbler, and he doesn't hide, like Casper. Oh, Casper is nocturnal. I don't think I'll ever get to see him except when I trick him out of the barrel by turning off the light. 


  1. What are sea monkeys? Are they one of those things Phineas and Ferb put in the water and they grew like really big and started walking around with them?


  2. HAHAHA, i dunno what was on phineas and ferb, but sea monkeys are pretty much water lice. their eggs can survive in 'suspended living' and once they are submerged into water they hatch and start growing. (: