Sunday, September 12, 2010

120910 - are those jeans too tight or are you just happy to see me?

I've just noticed that ever since I set my relationship status as "in a relationship", Facebook has been using his name tonnes. He comes up in mutual friends A LOT and on that friend finder thing. Maybe Facebook thinks I'll use friend finder because my boyfriend has. Or maybe Facebook just expects me to stalk him and shoves a link to his profile everywhere.
Nice try, Facebook.

I hate trucks. Trucks are big. They go too fast and take over the road. Several times I have been in a car that has almost been hit by/run off the road by a truck.
My dad has these little cheap two way radios that he got a while ago for my brother. We used to be idiots and use them, but my dad is pretty smart. He puts one in the car on the truck station and whenever a truck gets too close to the car he tells them to back off.
They have pretty awkward conversations though. Especially when it's me and Dad in the car.
Trucker one: Do you know how to get cum stains out of blankets?
Trucker two: F**kin' hate that. No idea aye.

They seem to be gone now. Who knows where they are. Looks like I'm not sleeping tonight for fear of insects crawling into my ears and up my nose and stuff.
There was this lady who lived with this rattling in her ear for like 8 years and it turns out it was a spider living off her brains...Or the stuff inside of her ear anyway. How gross...

I ended up writing a lot more than I originally planned last night so this post shouldn't be too long I suppose. Today was Sunday so I did nothing. Not that I do much any other day. Apparently Dad is going to start turning off the internet motem at like eleven so I will go to sleep earlier. THIS IS NOT FAIR IN THE LEAST!
You are meant to stay up really late on Friday. That's why they invented Saturday.
Yesterday I got up at half past twelve. I love weekends.

Solitaire win percentage is 36%. Win twenty games. Win percentage still 36%. Lose one game. Win percentage 35%. WHAT?
Games played: 698
Games won: 256
Win percentage: 36% (I've won so many tonight and it will not give me 37%)

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