Monday, September 13, 2010

130910 - we are godzilla, you are japan

I am in love with beef noodles. But only Maggi and Black & Gold (cup noodles). A few months ago, Maggi (the idiots) decided to change their recipe. My mum didn't realise and bought two packets, and they were utterly uneatable. She then went down and bought another packet, thinking it was the one I like. Silly Mum. In the cupboard we have like 15 packets of the disgusting beef noodles and no one will eat them. That's how bad they are.
Maggi obviously realised their mistake and brought back the old recipe, but for some strange reason Mum hasn't bought any for a week or two. I don't know why, and it's driving me crazy. I wanted noodles so badly that I ate a packet of chicken that was in the cupboard. They were tasteless and soggy (I forgot to take them off of the stove).

I hate the weather. It hates me.
The past few months it has been so cold, and I wouldn't even complain if it would bloody snow. It's was just a horrible cold. And now suddenly Spring has hit and it feels like Summer. I already wish it was June again. The Queensland weather is so stupid and it only ever rains when school is on. I hate that. My stupid hair goes curly and EVERYONE points it out. Soon it'll get so hot that I won't even feel like straightening my hair. The straightener gets too hot after about ten minutes and burns my hands.

I don't drink Milo anymore. It's quite sad considering I'm Australian and pretty much every other person in the country likes Milo. I don't like it because one night when I was home alone I ate half a container of Milo. Now it makes me feel sick. Whenever Mum or Dad makes me Milo, I shovel off the top bit and just drink the milk. I like milk, and milk plus ice cream (vanilla) is the best EVER combination. It's pretty much death in a cup for an asthmatic (me) but it's so worth it.

Today, my boyfriend performed at school in his band. Afterwards everyone came up to me telling me how good of a singer he is. I already know. And I felt bad because I didn't tell him he did a really good job. It probably won't come up in conversation...But Bren, you're an amazing singer. The guitar was funny from where I was sitting but your voice is still incredible.

This week is crazy packed full with exams and assignment. I did my drama performance today and felt so sick all the way. I was scared that I would stuff up and I hate people looking at me.
Tomorrow I have science and music exam, as well as an english oral. Nervous about all of those, but I already know I will fail with flying colours (get it?)

What is this, a camping ground for insects? GET OUT OF MY ROOM.


  1. You see? THAT'S the thing our boys don't do. I don' know a single boy with a band! sigh

    We haven't stared exams yet. Do you have summer holidays in January, or do you have realy long winter holidays in June and July. I mean, when're you longest holidays?

  2. that's horrible D: i know a couple guys in bands, it's pretty cool.

    we have our long holidays in summer - december, january, and we go off a week or two before christmas. i think we get nearly two months off. that's the end of the school year.
    we have like a week or two holiday in june/july (easter) and we're about to go into our september holidays (two weeks, i think). it would be cool if we had no holidays all year then at the end BAM like 3-4 months. but no, they suck. :(

  3. Your holidays are cool. We have 2 and something months in June and July, 1 week in October, 1 week of Cristmass holidays, 1 week of holidays in January and 1 week in April. I can't rememer why are April holidays called May hollidays. :?

    I have the same wish. Though I think I want MY summer holidays in June. :)