Tuesday, September 14, 2010

140910 - you're gonna go far, kid

I just ate a really sour lolly and I almost cried. But now that all the sourness is gone it actually tastes nice *insert smile here*.

Today I took my writing book to school because I started a new story last night and was hoping to get inspiration at school (yeah, right...more like I took it so I could doodle in maths) and my friend was reading a page. I completely forgot she had it and when I looked over next another girl was reading my (semi)diary entries. I nearly died. I hate people reading my stories and what she was reading was totally embarrassing. Note to self: do not take writing book to school.

I am currently trying to learn my music piece which I have to play tomorrow (yes, I am one of those stupid kids who leaves everything 'til the last minute). My laptop is sitting on my piano and when I type it decides that it wants to hit piano buttons and starts blasting the demo music. For some reason my piano now sounds like a xylophone. I don't even feel like changing it back.

I just wrote this huge paragraph on some really deep stuff, then I thought it was too serious and deleted it all. *Hits self in head*

Solitaire statistics:
Games played: 750
Games won: 280
Win percentage: 37%

Didn't do a random question last night (I realised after I posted) so now I shall do two.
Random question(s):
If you could marry one person in the whole world, who would it be?
Alex Gaskarth. No ifs, buts or maybes. He is, without a doubt, the sexiest man alive. Oh and his band is pretty cool too.

Name someone you want to kiss.
Alex Gaskarth. No ifs, buts or maybes. He is, without a doubt, the sexiest man alive. Oh and his band is pretty cool too.

See what I did there? Yeah, sorry that was lame.

Today all through the music exam, all I could think about was playing Mario. I don't know if this is normal or not.
I may or may not have cheated on a few questions. But don't tell Rachael.

Yesterday would have been my Nana's birthday.
R.I.P. 210509.
I miss you more than anything.


  1. Had to google Alex Gaskarth. So THAT'S the guy on the bottom of the blog. I think he's hot. What band does he play in? :)

    L and I often talk in class. Last year we wrote in her notebook and then the boys got it. It was realy embarasing since the talks were mostly about boys. :D

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  3. I removed the second post because it was the same as the first one. Sorry

  4. alex gaskarth IS very hot :)
    and he plays in my favourite band - all time low, check emm

    i hate when that happens! my guy friends always read the notes i write with my friends and half the time it's about them! it's super embarrassing :P