Wednesday, September 15, 2010

150910 - wild nights and fist fights

I am so very tired meaning this blog shall be rushed and may not make x-amount of sense. I think that's what they say....X-amount? Anyway, I do not care in the least. I have just seen Tomorrow, When The War Began and it was incredibly incredible. Very close to the book.

This morning I woke up early, I even beat the sun up. I was over tired (I still am) and somehow ended up in a conversation with my mother and sister about Kiwi-fruit. At seven A.M. No-one's brain should be able to function properly at that time of day and we were discussing whether a Kiwi-fruit originates from China or New Zealand. I said China and we settled it by loading up Google.
I typed in, "where do," and Autocomplete came on. The second suggestion was "where does Justin Bieber come from?"
People really need lives. I can't really talk, obviously, though I am not stalking a seven year old girl.
Oh, and the Kiwi-fruit comes from China.

I have just noticed how much I hate my hands. They are quite small and I have tiny fingernails. It is a weird thing to notice but everyone has normal sized fingernails and mine are just little. I can't even wear fake nails because fake nails are too big for mine.
I do wish I had bigger hands.

I was doing exceptionally well in this update until someone decided we should play a game of truth or dare. Not blaming you.
It actually gave me an idea for a question.

Random question:
If the country was being taken over by Japanese and you were escaping, what three items would you take?
Laptop would be useless. Phone would be useless. Camera would die and hence forth be useless. I would probably take an endless supply of beef two minute noodles (they count as one object), a deck of playing cards (to feed my solitaire addiction) and some random who can play guitar (he is bringing his own guitar...and carrying it, too). But when the guitar breaks I am afraid I will have no use for him and he must go. Oh, that was mean. I'm sorry.

I am trying to sound more nerdy-blog-girl type tonight as Rachael has informed me that my blog is not as cool anymore. Apparently I don't sound awesome like I used to.

In other news, Sunday is national 'talk like a pirate day.' I have a pirate joke for you.
What is a pirate's favourite letter?
No, not arrrrrrrr, the mighty C of course!
Oh, I am so funny. Actually I stole it from Porno Music slash Comment Time on Community Channel.

I keep adding to this update because I had something I needed to say before but I forgot so now I am just typing random things to try to remember.

This isn't the important news but it is still quite amazing. Tomorrow is....THURSDAY!
Thursday is the best day, I think you are aware...I have told you before I think? A few Wednesdays back.
Anyway, tomorrow is going to be the best Thursday ever because it is the second last day of school meaning...BLUDGE DAY! Woo! Mind you, every day for me is bludge day.

I still haven't remembered what I was going to say...But I should probably post this so someone can go to bed. Oh, I should probably sleep too...


  1. What's a bludge day?

    I think your blog is realy cool.

  2. bludge day= we sit around all day doing nothing but play games and such. no work involved :)
    and thank you :D i think yours is too!

  3. Thanks.

    Oh that's cool. Then we have a bludge day too. We may even have some sort of a bludge week. Well, the teachers talk, but after they stop grading nobody listens. You can imagine their horror when they find that out the next year :D