Thursday, September 16, 2010

160910 - wake up the voiceless

It is currently 4:25 in the afternoon and I am sitting cross-legged on my bed in mismatched pyjamas and odd socks, drinking Lemon Squash out of a bendy straw. It is now 4:39PM and I am still on my second sentence. This is going to take ages to write.

I've just noticed how nervous I get when I'm talking to someone and they look at places other than my eyes (eg. nose, mouth). I get worried that there might be something on my face. Whenever I'm talking to someone I try to only look at their eyes because otherwise I might make them uncomfortable. Even then, I'm bad at making eye contact.

Yesterday, my mum moved everything in my room around. I now have no idea where anything is (not that I could find a great deal before she ruined everything) and it is starting to bug me. On the other hand though, she found my wallet and handbag.
Contents of my handbag:
- A black Sharpie
- A zebra
- Five Nintendo DS games (I don't even own a Nintendo DS)
- Pretty smelling roll on
- Eyeliner sharpener (one of the fancy ones with two holes)
- Three eyeliner lids (no pencils)
- Six pens, one pencil
- One Green Day and two All Time Low badges
- A nail file
- A hairband and six bobby pins
- Another pen
- A toothbrush
- Two band aids and two Vapodrops
- A soduku book
- Hand cream
- Tanning lotion (I used it once...)
- A pair of my sisters sunglasses
When the world is about to end, come with me. My handbag can still fit five hundred other items.

Rachael once asked me whether I say zeebra or zebra. When I thought about it I couldn't remember how I say it. I think I say zebra but zeebra sounds so much cooler to say.
Sigh. Spellcheck has just gone crazy and highlighted everything I have written. Stupid spellcheck.

It is now 5:06 and I am no longer drinking Lemon Squash. The red paint I put all over my left hand in art is peeling and sticking to my pillow.
Also, paint does not taste pretty and all paint tastes the same. Yellow and red do not each have separate tastes. Pity, really, I used to imagine what colours would taste like.
Pink tasted like fairy floss... Yellow tasted like sunflowers... And so on and so on.

4:15PM and my solitaire statistics are showing:
Games played: 778
Games won: 293
Win percentage: 37% (still)

Random question:
What was the last thing you dreamed about?
Last night I dreamed that a boy in my grade had hamsters and echidnas at school in a big box. I love echidnas. I picked up one of the echidnas and it was like a leech and was sucking my hand. There was something else happening but I can't remember. I have the most awesome dreams, then I forgot when I wake up. I only remember if I wake up "naturally" (not by an alarm or Mum/Dad).

Random question number two (I am exceptionally bored this afternoon):
What is your favourite invention?
Definitely the potato peeler. Or the spork. Maybe even can openers. But probably the spork. Who would even think of that? And then the name. Whoever invented the spork must have been a legend. A legend with a lot of time on his hands...

Random question number three (I am still exceptionally bored):
What toothpaste do you use?
The Colgate ran out the week before last so Mum bought some new stuff (some cheap brand... I shall go check what it is called) called Dental Pro. You can just tell from looking at it that it is going to suck - it doesn't even have a connected cap. You have to screw the lid off.
When you put it on the toothbrush, it smells horrible. And if something smells bad, you are not going to want to put it in your mouth.
Then it tastes worse than it smells. It tastes like disinfectant of some sort. Like something you put on your newly pierced ears.
This morning when I was putting toothpaste on my toothbrush, it fell off. Just...fell off. And then, it didn't even splat on the floor. It stayed in a little cylinder, like how it comes out of the tube.
Oh, and it is blue with little white flecks in it. It is some seriously wacked toothpaste. Mum bought two tubes of it.

I love how every time I comment on my blog I immediately get pop-up saying new email from "farewell rocketship."
It is now 5:53PM and I am lying on my belly, I've taken down my hair and put my glasses on. My hands are really cold.


  1. carly hates cam!!!!lolSeptember 18, 2010 at 2:19 AM

    my favourite invention is the washing machine coz i think washing clothes by hand would suck
    i am using spider man kids toothpaste coz Jake my little bro picked it out and the last thing i dreamt about was...i don't remember!!!
    and yeah, i am now following you!

  2. How come you get all the followers? I'm jealous. :D

    That's ok. MY mum once freaked out, cause I didn't clean my room even though I promised to and threw all my stuff on the floor.

    Oh I just hate it when my hands get cold!

  3. carly are you serious? "carly hates cam!!!!!lol" darling, you are pathetic. jokes..whatever floats your boat :P
    washing spork dude. you can eat cake with it.
    spiderman toothpaste? that shit's hardcore.
    woo follower!
    by the way, did you hear about cameron!?
    you mighta been there but i dont know, i found out via facebook. HE GOT KNOCKED OUT! hahahah :D

    thegrinch: im sorry, i must just be that awesome :P i only have seven! plus i might have bribed carly to look at my blog. ...not even :D
    your mum sounds scary D: my mum cleans my room for me, because she knows ill never do it myself :P
    cold hands are THE worst.

  4. I guess you are.
    Yeah, it would seemso would it. She just gets anoyed quickly that's all. :D