Saturday, September 18, 2010

190910 - sometimes selling out is giving up

I had the coolest dream the other night, and I've only just remembered it now.
I missed the Hogwarts Express and I was trying to get to Hogwarts by walking. Then I saw this pretty asian girl on a bicycle, but not just a normal bicycle, one with a roof over it, yes? Anyway, I held on to the back of the bicycle-trailer thing and was dragged along for ages. Then we were in this forest and came to a big lake. The girl didn't even realise I was holding on to her but when she realised she was totally cool with it.
Heaps of other stuff happened, but I don't remember. Anyway, I went through a secret passageway in a toilet (like in book seven) and got to Hogwarts, but I was late and Snape yelled at me.
So awesome.

I am on holidays! Which means....Sitting around every day on MSN and Tumblr.
Yesterday, I went to the coast. We were just dropping my brother as his friend's beach house, but while we were waiting for them to get there, my sister, her boyfriend and I went down onto the beach. I didn't know we would be going to the beach, so I was wearing jeans and my fakes. I had to abandon my shoes and roll my jeans up. Even then, I always go a little further into the surf than I originally plan, therefore I got the bottom half of my pants soaked.
I left them rolled up while we were driving and when we got out at a shopping centre about half an hour later to get ice-cream, I unrolled them and the sand attacked me. I had a sandbox in my jeans.

Just before, I started watching an anime series I borrowed from my sister's boyfriend on the TV in the lounge room. Dad sat down and started watching it too, and he was so amazed by it. It's one of those corny Japanese love stories but Dad really got into it. I'm now afraid that he will start watching it while I'm asleep or something. My family is the strangest.

I just put some moisturising cream on my hands and it smells good but feels really gross and it is going to make the laptop keys sticky.

I think there is something wrong with my fish. We have *counts* six goldfish and none of them seem to move much. Although, I just put some fish food in the tank and they all went crazy.
A few months back, we had two snails. One day I looked at the tank and one of the snail shells was floating around. I told Mum and she said maybe it had died, but we never found the sluggy part of it. I'm confused, what happens to snails when they die? Maybe the fish ate it.
Goldfish are very resiliant animals. One time we had a wishing well out the front and there was a big gold fish in it, and it jumped out of the wishing well one night and Dad found it lying on the ground the next day. It was still alive. He put it back in the wishing well and it just started swimming again.
A while later, when the fish was in a tank upstairs again, it jumped out. Several times. But that never killed it. It got in fights with the other fish too, but we had it for years, and I think it just died of old age. It's name was Goldie, how original.

I totally forgot to blog for two days (not really, I just haven't had anything interesting to say. I still don't, I just resided in blogging about fish) but I shall try to update every night these holidays (yeah, right).


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