Friday, October 8, 2010

081010 - colour me cliche (part one)

So last night, Mum and Dad went out for dinner, leaving me home alone (I didn't want to go, I was curly) and I made myself noodles because I really didn't feel like take-out. I put some water on the stove to boil for noodles and was going waiting until the water had boiled to put the noodles in (please do not laugh at my poor sentance-putting-together skills). Unfortunately, I completely forgot and remembered when the kitchen started smelling and the bottom of the pot had gotten burnt and the water smelt funny. I burnt water. Or, as my helpful Facebook friends pointed out, the water "evaporated".
Then when the noodles had finished cooking I drained too much water and they tasted bad. Sad face.

Yesterday afternoon when I was walking home from my friend's place, I had to cross a pedestrian crossing. It was about twenty to six (and still not dark, it doesn't get dark until around 6 - 6:30 this time of year) and there was no cars around, luckily. But I've realised that I really hate crossing crossings when there are cars. I feel really awkward when they have to stop for me, so usually if there is a car coming, I will stand back and pretend I don't want to cross the road. I never know if I should wave to thank them for stopping or smile or what. Usually I just avoid eye contact (don't point out that they are in a car and it would be harder to make eye contact than to avoid it). I don't look at the car, I look at my feet, in other words.
Even though I hate cars stopping to let me cross, I hate it even more when I actually want them to stop so I can cross (again, my poor sentence skills). Yesterday when I was standing on the edge of the road waiting to cross at a pedestrian crossing (it was busy because school had just finished), at least three cars drove past without even slowing down. That really pissed me off as well as making me look like an idiot.

Today, my favourite teacher was not at school and I had a double with her. Of course, with my luck, the class got landed with the H.O.D. (Head of Department) of SOSE.
Let me tell you about her.
She is estimated to be three hundred and fifty years old.
She wears long, high, wear-on-your-waist skirts with floral shirts or "blouses" as she probably calls them.
Her hair is fluffy and very thin, like old people hair and white - but some hair at the front has been dyed black.
Her eyebrows have drowned in her forehead wrinkles.
She cannot pronounce her R's. Thwee, Pwimary, Camwon.
Put all this together and you get what?
Seventy minutes of Hell, usually.
Unless you are in my class. The old oaf thought we were laughing at the 'rebel' kid making idiot comments at the back. Really, 80% of the class was pointing out every time she said W instead of R. And we found it hilarious.
"Be vewwy vewwy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits!"

I just cut this blog in half, so I shall post that in a minute. It was very long and I thought that it would be better in two parts.

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  1. I hate it if I get to the crossing and the green light on the traffic light was already on, because I can't know when it's going to go off, and I don't like to be stuck in the middle on the small island, so I just wait for the next one and let the drivers look funny at me.