Friday, October 8, 2010

081010 - colour me cliche (part two)

I noticed that my blogs are sort of getting further apart, every two or three nights. It's mainly because Dad has come to the conclusion that MY laptop is HIS and every time he says "I want to play a game of poker" I have to get off immediately. Plus I'm still getting very bad block, but blog-block isn't as bad as writers block. Blog block usually goes once I stop talking to a certain person, but writers block is a disease and is slowly killing me.

Oh, I forgot to mention. I got highly commended for a short story I entered into the 2010 Literacy Comp. I'm really proud of myself. It would have been cool to have come first or something, but the letter I got said that first prize winners had to read out their story on the award night. I got invited to an award night!
I suppose there's a first for everything, eh? But I have to have photos taken or some rubbish so I may have to wear a paper bag over my head.
There are only two set backs. The award night is going to be held in Bardon (Brisbo). When I told Dad where it is, he said "BARDON! Bloody Bardon!" Apparently it's a shit of a town.
And I am supposed to be going for some writing lecture thing on the 20th which is the same day as the award night. Hoping Mum will let me go to both.

The day after my Ellen blog, my friend told me that Ellen might be coming to Australia next year or the week after! Not even kidding, I almost cried. I have GOT to meet her.
My life would be complete. Almost...

Google has changed! Like majorly, check it.
Random question:
Last three people you hugged:
This is a super hard question, because I hug a billion people.
Dad hugged me when I got home. That's one.
I hugged Bren goodbye. That's two.
I hugged Jessica goodbye too. There's three.
Wow, I'm proud for remembering that.

I can't put my Solitaire scores because they haven't really changed. I haven't been playing much. I don't even know what I do on the laptop anymore.
Sorry for super long blog! I think I may cut this in half. Yes, good idea Jessica.
Kay, I cut it in half. How it looks very... Short.
I shall think of something else to talk about.

Oh yes! In math, we got an assignment (first week back, too. How dodgy) that is apparently 10 pages long. I got it on Tuesday but still haven't looked at it, even though we were working on it today.
For a part of it, we have to get a car off of the internet that we are going to buy (theoretically).
The school internet is slower than... Well, think of something slow and times it by ten and that's how slow the school internet is.  While I was waiting for a page to load, I started playing Solitaire on the school computer. You know, the crappy Solitaire, that you have to click the cards so that they turn over, and that doesn't have an Undo or Hint button.
My teacher didn't like this much but I told her that I was only playing it while I waited for things to load. Haaaaaa, yeah no.

Nother random question cause I can.
Random question:
What's the best and worst thing that happened to you today?
Best: I got taken out of science to show my friend who started at Lockyer today to her class, and where to meet me at lunch. Also, I learnt how to make an origami heart. That was pretty cool too. But the best part was probably walking to the store this arvo with the boyfriend. I don't know why, but that's usually my favourite part of the day.
Worst: Boyfriend ditched me at lunch, twice! Jokes, it really didn't bother me, just wanted to make him feel bad. Sorry. Hmm... Probably that my art teacher lost my assessment and I had to start again from scratch. Luckily I hadn't done much on it, but to get back at her I wasted some yellow paint, by putting it all over my hands and Rach's elbow. And my nose.

Kay, I'm done. Now this blog is probably way too long. Oh well.
Farewell Rocketship.

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