Tuesday, October 19, 2010

191010 - alexithymia

My Dad is crazy. He just picked up his phone and got a little bit upset when it wouldn't change the channel on the T.V.
Often he will try to call people using the T.V. remote- puts all the numbers in and asks Mum why there is no dial tone.
This is where I get it from, because apparently I am related to him.

Tomorrow is going to be horrible.
Wednesdays are all-school sport days and everyone in the school wears sports uniform. I have to wear my formal!
Not complaining though, I'm going on an excursion. Apart from last year when we went for a 5 minute walk to the lake (which is on the same street as the school), I haven't been on an excursion since... Like, grade seven. Apart from camps.
Anywho, I am going to a writing course in Toowoomba, but I only get to go to two sessions. Last year the group went to four, but then again this year there's only six going.
The only drawback of this is that we're going to get home after school is over, and we're leaving to Bardon for my award night at 4:30.
I don't know how long the award night will go for, but considering it's a two hour drive I think we'll be leaving as soon as I get the certificate. I don't really know why everyone is making such a big deal over it- when my aunt came down from Brisbane last week my parents were bragging about it, my SOSE teacher jumped up and down when she found out and talked about it with the class for five minutes, the H.O.D. of English congratulated me five thousand times before telling another teacher.
The only ones who aren't excited are me and my friends. My dodgy friends though, the N block bogans. When they heard they gave me funny looks and were like "that was the most depressing story ever, how did you get that?"
But yeah, it's really not that great... It's only a highly commended, after all. Ten bucks says there'll be five hundred other kids with crappy stories and highly commended certificates. I was excited at first until I thought about that.
In music today I told my friend that I gave up on writing. He's a really, really good writer himself and he was surprised and got all grr face. He even admitted that while we were writing a story in English he was trying harder than usual to try to impress me. *Laughs.
I also balances pencils on my nose in music and fell over at least three times. It was super embarrassing when the boyfriend turned around and saw. *Hopes he isn't reading this.


  1. :O :O jess come on i did not give you a weird look when i read it.. when i read it, i thought you were and still are the most amazing writer ever.. i love your stories they are soo amazing :D
    love jessicaliz

  2. darling i hope that wasnt referring to the N block bogans part? or just reading the blog in general? if it is the n block bogans, youre not one :) thats just the easy way of saying matt, cameron, ryan, those guys...
    and thank you :D lovesssssss you miss jesscat