Wednesday, October 20, 2010

201010 - entertain the pain

Today was pretty cool. I went to two sessions of lectures at a school in Toowoomba. An all girl's school. It was junior, middle and senior school and I swear I didn't even know there were that many girls in Toowoomba.
They all had perfect uniforms and their hair was all neat... I wish our school was like that but we're too scrubby-like.

Anyway, one of the sessions I went to was an author who really bugged me. She moved her head a lot when she talked and she made jokes but no one laughed. Except my teacher.
Must have been old people jokes.

Also, today I talked to four people who I normally wouldn't, just to be nice. I'm quite proud of myself, except one girl was very annoying after a while. She just kept talking even though no one was listening, and assumed that we care about whether she got her cousin a birthday present or not. To start with we made polite conversation with her but in the end I think everyone was ignoring her.
Rude, I suppose, but she didn't get the point...

In about fifteen minutes I am leaving for the award night, my parents aren't even dressed yet though. I really, really can't wait to sit in a car for two hours. Sarcasm, if you didn't catch that.
When we get there, about halfway through Dad will probably get bored and leave, then miss me getting my award, and we'll leave as soon as I get it. I know exactly how this will work.

My fish have gone funny. Last night they were just... Like, floating there, not belly up, no. But they weren't swimming around and they were all facing the same way. I thought that someone had killed them or osmething but their eyes were moving. At the moment they are swimming but not very much. I hope they don't die.

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