Tuesday, November 29, 2011

29/november - the story of your life (30 days of thankful, day 01)

I really hate being home alone. When I hear one little noise I freeze and strain my ears to the max to either figure out what it was or wait for the signal to climb into my closet if it sounds like footsteps.
Tonight I started noticing little noises while home alone - little sounds that help make up the night. The filter in the fish tank, silly birds outside that don't understand what sleep is, cars at the bottom of the hill that I live in. Even my dog contributes by growling at passer-bys.

I was meant to start my 30 days of thankful last night but I stayed at friends house.
So today will be the beginning, let's hope I don't miss days due to laziness.
Day 01 - I am thankful for my mother.
She is such a brilliant person - she cooks me food when I work overtime at work, she knows how to text, she likes fish because they don't make much noise. She's pretty cool. I know some people are unfortunate enough to have lost their mothers and I admire those people, really - I don't know how I would react if anything happened to my mum. She has to wake up at 5am most mornings to go to work to have money in the house. Which is crazy, and unthinkable, but she does it. She doesn't quite understand Facebook, which in ways I probably appreciate, and she can put up with my father, so kudos to her. Today she praised me for hanging the washing out the 'right' way. I love my mum.

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