Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2/november - holdin' it down for the underground

This morning I was watching Bear in the Big Blue House, one of my favourite shows when I was little. For a start, that bear is absolutely adorable! Secondly, the songs are still pretty cool, and I'm too old for little kid shows. It's actually really embarrassing watching children shows now days because they are ridiculous. This is one my best friend absolutely hates, having two younger siblings - Five Minutes More. I agree. It's pretty horrible. When I have kids they will watch Bear in the Big Blue House. 

Tonight at work (I make pizzas, and I get paid to do it, how cool is that?) I had my first angry customer (I haven't worked there very long). He was angry because our receipt printer wasn't working and his business wanted it for tax reasons or something. He looked down on me and spoke very rudely to me to the point where I got my manager. Apparently, so I found out later, he was not rude to my manager at all. How awesome are people? 

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