Thursday, November 3, 2011

3/november - come what may

Something I hate very much is stupid, overly dramatic reality TV shows, where it is so obviously scripted. There is one on right now and even though I have absolutely no idea what is happening, the entire way through is tense, dramatic music. No matter what the scene.
One of my biggest guilty pleasures is the show Pretty Little Liars. Not a reality show, but a teenage drama. It has an okay storyline, pretty dodgy acting and a really boring sound guy who plays the same songs over and over, I swear. Absolutely every minute is tense music, or silence. Even if nothing exciting is happening.

I love sweat pants. They are the most comfortable pants in the world, and if they were less tacky in public I would wear them all the time. Even through summer.
Maybe. Queensland summer plus sweat pants could probably lead to heat stroke and a lot of other problems. This is the time of year where I want to move to Antarctica.

Apparently there are deserts in Antarctica and in The Arctic. Ice deserts. I was never even aware these existed until recently in science.
"Antarctica is a continent of ice. To the south of this dry continent is the Antarctic Desert. The Antarctic Desert is a desert because there has been no rainfall or snow there for over 100 years, this makes the Antarctic Desert the driest desert in the world."
Who would have guessed? Apparently, not me.

My Mum is lazy and had cup noodles for dinner. She did it wrong! She's eating them out of a bowl, not the cup, and she said she hates the noodle forks and she's eating it with a metal fork. We are unrelated, probably.

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