Saturday, November 5, 2011

5/november - masterpiece theatre III

Whenever a smoking ad comes on, my Mum (who has smoked all of my life) mutes the TV. I really hate that. Because obviously the ads get to her, which is why she mutes/changes the channel, but it's the fact that she still won't quit. I understand it's difficult to quit. But so worth it.

This morning Mum told me that when I was little, there were no strangers - just friends I hadn't met yet. I would talk to absolutely every body. Not even close to shy.
One day, while we were selling raffle tickets outside of Crazy Clark's, it was my birthday. I was telling anyone who went past that it was my birthday, and one woman liked me so much that she actually went into Crazy Clark's and bought me presents. Just little things, but I had never met her before and she spent money on me. Shows how great of a kid I was.

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