Thursday, December 1, 2011

1/december - amber changing (30 days of thankful - day 03)

So the other day while cleaning my room I found two of my old MP3 players. I can tell that they were old because one had the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana on it (grade seven), and the other one was... It was weird. I must have been going through a weird stage of my life (grade eight) as my music taste was very messed up. I have a lot of "hardcore" bands on there, and a lot of angry I-hate-life songs. But then, there were also some lovey-dovey songs and very poppy music. I have no idea what was going through my head when I put that messed up play list on my MP3, but I am so very glad that I have a better taste in music now days. Or at least a consistent taste in music. 

Thirty Days of Thankful Day 03 - I am thankful for Op Shops 

Up until recently, I didn't like op shops. My sister did, and to keep myself occupied while I was in there with her I would challenge her to an ugly outfit competition - whoever found the ugliest item of clothing won. However I have come to appreciate op shopping more, as it is a very, very worthy cause and my mother told me that a long time ago when our family went through a rough time, the Salvation Army helped us out. I now visit op shops every so often and occasionally find a very good bargain, for example today. My friend found for me a wonderful pair of shoes today for $2, and they might be 2-3 sizes too small, but I'll squeeze. Whenever I clean out my wardrobe, I donate all my pre-loved clothes to the Salvation Army or Vinnies, because someone else might find them and extend their life. Op shops do wonderful things for families in need, and I will always be thankful for that. 

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  1. We don't have Op shops here. :/
    Love the shoes...